Triton 3.2 turbo help


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So I want to have a little more boost and iv heard people running boost controllers and was wondering if it could be done on 4m41 3.2 and if it would make a difference.

Also I would have to order one in so it possible to put a hose clamp on the hose from
The turbo to the acuator ? In the mean time ... thanks


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Welcome to earth mate, sorry I can't help you but you could try asking in the general 4x4 section, A lot more members read the posts there..........Jim.


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I dont know much about this stuff but I'd also be investigating mods done to the ECU like chipping etc over playng with the boost.
Maybe talking to a dedicated 4x4 performance centre could give you more answers on you to improve performance.
Even something like a larger diameter exhaust can give you a gain.