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Trip planning - Jabiru NT to Tasmania

Discussion in 'Trips' started by muzza22au, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Myself, my girlfriend and my dog are planning a trip to drive from Jabiru in the NT to Tasmania.
    We will have 5 weeks to do it in, and are currently in the planning stages.
    One problem so far encountered is the limited spaces on the ferry for higher than 2.1m vehicles, so we may have to remove the RTT and just use the Oztent for this trip.
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  2. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    So a quick update on the trip preparations,
    • Car booked in for 60k service Tuesday (500km trip in itself).
    • Car booked in to change out standard clutch for HD one (another 500km trip)
    • Options to mount the roof top tent lower if I cannot get a high compartment on the Spirit of Tasmania (on wait list). I have a couple of options 1) remove rooftop tent on day of departure and tie down in tray. 2) Relocate RTT to tray in-between trade rack bars, this would require some aluminum work or 2 x new tool boxes for it to be mounted to.
    • Go over camping gear and make the necessary items easily accessible with out unpacking / lifting anything.
    • Look at mounting 90 litre water tank under tray.
    • See why solar panel didn't seem to charge second battery on Arnhem land trip.
    • Make sure all songs needed for the trip are downloaded on ipad from google play music.
    I am sure there is more to do but thats a start for now, I have a few stops already planned in the itinerary down to Melbourne but nothing too exciting.
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  3. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Latest departure date is 8th November to be on the Spirit on the 13th.
  4. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a good trip
    It will be a bugger if you have to change your RTT
    I just fitted a NPC clutch to my cruiser before my last trip and it is great, peddle feel is no different to before
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  5. SPOD_Here

    SPOD_Here Active Member

    Sounds like a good trip Muzza, we travelled Tassy over Xmas this year with our two dogs and had a ball. Plenty of campsites even with the limitations of travelling with the hounds. Wouldn’t worry too much about the height restrictions because the ferry is cavernous and there are heaps of boats/caravans/trucks/trailers and they just pack ‘em in. My 100 with 33” tyres, lift, ARB rack easy fitted under the gantry with the second layer of cars above. On the outer there is space for the taller vehicles.

    One tip though, we’d camped outside Melbourne in the state forest on the way over and when we arrived in Tassy they frowned at mud on and under the truck and gave us a high preasure wash at the quarantine station. That added to the time to clear the ferry so if I had my time again, I would have given it a good clean up before departure.

    I’d recommend policememans point at the bay of fires, we stopped for three nights but could have spend a week and mostly had the place to ourselves. Dogs are ok there.

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  6. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up regarding the mud. We will be doing the highway most of the way so shouldn't get too dirty. That is until we get to Tassie ;). Bay of fires is one place that my girlfriend wants to visit so its on my list.
  7. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    I had the same thing with the hight on the spirit of Tas and they put me on a waiting list then called and confirmed it was all good a few weeks prior to departure

    On the day they just parked me beside all the other normal hight cars not sure why they put every one on this waiting list and then you just park along side all the cars under 2.1

    As mentioned make sure it's clean both directions as they won't let you on also if your carrying Gas cylinders and Jerry cans
    Best call reguarding correct procedures I think last time I went they wanted all the Jerry cans empty and filled with water and gas Cyl. Checked in seperate ( was painful )
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017
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  8. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up regarding the gas cylinders, this should not be a problem as I mostly cook with the Cobb or grill on an open fire. And for fuel that is all contained in my 2 tanks, the jerries only carry water.

    Weird about parking you beside the normal height cars, will see what happens this time.

  9. smitty_r51

    smitty_r51 Well-Known Member

    Gas bottle is fine as long as it is outside the vehicle and secure...otherwise it comes off is labelled and goes over in a seperate trailer and you collect at the far side.

    I use a frontrunner bottle clamp and the guy gave it a shake on the roof rack, and was happy it coildm't move so it just got tagged on the roof rack and left up there...bloke with the gas bottle on the camper trailer next to me had to have it removed
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  10. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Well good news today, no longer on wait list for higher car storage. This means no need to worry about the height of the vehicle with RTT fitted.
  11. phs

    phs Well-Known Member

    ^ I would love to know why they go about it that way and I'll put my money on the fact you will park with everyone els

    But having it confirmed is a win win well done
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  12. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Yes for sure, at least I will not have to argue with them now ;)
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  13. SPOD_Here

    SPOD_Here Active Member

    Oh, and don’t forget to override the car alarm. Every time it smashed into a wave all the cars under my cabin started honking.... over and over again.
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  14. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    The 79 doesn't have a car alarm ;)
  15. Mickkk

    Mickkk Active Member

    Do you get sea sick,
    You can fly over and still put your car on 5he boat. Think it may even be cheaper. Do you know Macca (chris) he did it recently and they didn’t have a nice trip over. The whole boat was spewing their guts up. He would be able to give you a bit of advice on where to go. Think he was over there for 5 weeks
  16. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Haha nope I don't get sea sick, so will travel by sea (something different).

    I lived in Queenstown (west coast Tassie) as a kid until moving and going to school in Burnie. So I have a fair idea of where to go, but secret hidden spots would be awesome. I know a few but mainly on the west coast, the east is foreign to me.
  17. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Been working on the ute over the past few days, just doing basically what I have been holding off doing.
    Permanently mounting the compressor.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr

    And finally installing my Blue sea fuse block. May need to upgrade the wiring coming from the battery though.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Scott Murray, on Flickr

    It is mounted with double sided tape for now. If I run heavier duty wire I will put it against the rear like the compressor is. But this is good enough for now and utilises some wasted space.
  18. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Sounds like an awesome trip planned muzz, looking forward to your trip report as tassie has been on our list for some time, yet to get there tho.
    Have fun.
  19. muzza22au

    muzza22au Well-Known Member

    Ok so we are half way through our trip (I think) been eating fresh oysters which we got from a creek down south at low tide. There will be a trip report and photos when we get back home.
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