Trip guidance needed!


Hi guys,

I'm planning a trip with the old man in Feb next year where I hope to do some high country and some snowy mountains over 3 or 4 days. My plan is on day 1 to head for Talbotville, one of my favorites places to camp. From there I want to do Billy goat, Blue Rag and anything Snowy mountains as this is where the old man has always wanted to go.

Maybe Snowy mountains might be a stretch with the limited time.. unsure on this one. Any suggestions on how to piece all this together?



Buy yourself a Rooftop map of the area and check for roads closed on your route due to fires....


Will be buying paper maps, do the have a Hema which is my main source
. I don't believe VHC is affecting my fires at the moment is it?

Not sure where the rest of your message went,but don't assume buy the vicfire app or something similar and listen to am channels when out bush for warning as your mobile might be out of range,theres fires about The High Country all the time,whether from campers,lightening....

If your on Facebook try these guys for updated info