Trip: 2021 - Exploring Nth of Moore/Linville towards LCMP


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This Daytrip was a bit of a last moment sort of thing, but I wanted to check out to see if u could get from the town of Linville over towards LCMP via some back roads and then return to Linville via different route as well. So, I contacted some Friends that lived in the area and headed off.

1st part was to ahead nth long Mount Stanley Rd and T/O at East Branch Rd and follow the upper reaches of the Brisbane River. The Brisbane River didn't look in good condition at all and doesn't look like it's flowed in years or at least this far up. We passed a few abandoned homes and reached the point where we left the river and headed bush nth towards the old historic Elgin Vale Sawmill. I was warned that this track was quite overgrown and therefore resulted in some bad pinstriping but up to this point to where we came near the old Sawmill the track had been ok in regard to vehicle pinstriping.

We stopped for a bit of a look around at the old Sawmill before pushing on back the way we came and turned NW following back tracks that would eventually lead us to come out along the Kilcoy-Murgon Rd. Well, this is where we ran into the "heavily pinstriping" section. The track started to enclose and we found ourselves pushing through my old favourite - Lantana :( . It wasn't long before we popped out the other side to some cleared areas where the area had been logged a few years ago. Stopped at a few high points to take in the scenic views.
It wasn't long before we came out onto Kilcoy-Murgon Rd and we turned south towards our next turnoff point onto Monsildale Rd. Followed this road until we reached our next turnoff point - Tableland Rd. This turned out to be a dead-end as it became private property, so we backtracked & turned on to Louisvale Rd. Followed this road as it ran next to Monsildale Creek. We weren’t sure if this track would get us to where we wanted to go as we had heard that it had been closed off by the local farmer but to our surprise the track was also opened. When we reached the section of the road where it ran near to the farmers house, we just slowed right down to prevent any dust and followed the signs.

From this point onwards there is numerous gates to open/close, but the track turned out to be a cool little track as it crossed Monsildale Creek numerous times. The track eventually came back out onto Mount Stanley Rd and it wasn't long before we were back in Linville/Moore having coffee at my mate’s place. From here I had planned to head home via the backway but due to lateness of the day I just headed home via the Hwy...

Driving Time: 7h12m
Distance: 412kms

Link to photos: 2021 - Exploring Nth of Moore Photos

Link to Tracklog: 2021 - Exploring Nth of Moore Tracklog


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Nice, you've circumnavigated LCMP. There is also a track down the range from Jimna to Bellthorpe we use to use to come home sometimes. Not recommended in the wet - red clay.