Travel Buddy Oven Trays


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Whats is un Australian here?

Im talking about doing any cooking while on the move, doesn't matter who made the equipment!

Maybe I just get your sense of humor @dno67 :confused:
Haha, not leaving a meal while its cooking mate.
Tounge in cheek.... TIC
Piss take..


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I cook on the move all the time no problems. Yes the door has opened on me once but I adjusted the tab on the door and it has not opened on its own since.
You just need to keep food covered no problems.


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So I got my response from Crysalair who make the Travel Buddy ovens & when I asked them about the thermostat & the door insulation this is their answer-
My questions-
Hi there, I really like the look of both your marine & normal 12V ovens & before I purchase I want as a couple of questions.
Are they both thermostat temperature controlled & also you state the ovens are insulated but I do not see any insulation on the doors, why would you do that? From a safety & efficiency point of view to me as a chef I would want the door to be insulated.

Hi, Adrian

Only the marine oven has a temp control the smaller does not

We do not insulate the door as we looked at it about 6 years ago and found that it only dropped the surface temperature by about 10 degrees

And not change the cooking temp inside

John Warren

So I have been on youtube today seeing as I am still unemployed & in government enforced self isolating came across this test between the 2 ovens which is in 2 parts & very very interesting!

I am surprised @Pubski or Rory, hasn't linked this one as he gets a plug on the business inboth vids & seeing as you provided the Road Chef for testing.

Although this maybe because of the findings by lock your hubs??

I will let you guys be the judge on his findings

So after watching & the testing I am not surprised of the performance difference between the two units.
I am actually in agreeance with the last statement in Vid #2 about the need for a Travel Buddy V2 which addresses some of the issues outlined.

I am all for the idea of 'if it aint broke don't fix it' & buy Australian but the the product has to be as good if not better & I don't care if the better product comes from China or Germany, I just want the better product!

I am not setting out to knock an Aussie company at all, I want to support them & my fellow Australian workers BUT you have to be open to improve your product & meet if not exceed any competitors product.

On a side note, I have no idea why you wouldn't put a thermostat in both models, I should have asked why in my original email.


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Send another email
Hey Swaggie, yes I intend on responding, just thinking about what my response will be apart from that question.

I would think that any company would continue R&D to improve a product in these modern times & competitive markets!

Not sure, maybe they are happy plugging along with little effort & sitting back relying on the "Aussie made" thing using china made parts :rolleyes:

You only have to look at how in this Covid 19 situations that companies have had to think outside the box, quickly change processes eg. a company turning alcohol into hand sanitiser etc to know what can be done..................if you want to stay in business!!