Travel Buddy Oven Trays

Gday People,
Sorry I've been away for the long weekend. I have messaged the relevant people in this thread who are chasing trays. Currently as i have said to them i'm out of large trays i did a run of trays 2 weeks ago and people who were on the waiting list or who messaged me on here were informed and got their trays. I do still have 6 small trays left so if you have the small oven and are interested let me know.

Problem is usually by the time i get some made large trays are pretty much all sold already or gone within the first couple of days. It's got out of control how many people have bought them considering its really this forum that started it all. I've probably made over 300 trays in that time and changed the way i've gone about it along the way.
Biggest issue for me is the time involved from start to finish i can make 4 trays in an hour (thats after they've been lasercut) this seems pretty good until you have 50 trays to make at once so its usually 2 or 3 late nights after work usually 4 hours and then a good part of my saturday.

I suppose what i'm getting at is It takes me a long time to get batches made. As much as i'd like to and want to have them in stock ready to go whenever someone asks its just not feasable for me at the moment. I'm about to go on holidays for a few weeks with my family and when i get back i'll be working on another batch i have ordered material already and hoping i can get them cut and bent whilst I'm away and that'll save me some time.

So if you're interested just let me know here via this thread or private message and i will let you know as soon as they're ready to go.

As far as dimensions go there is 2 main sizes

For the Marine and 24v oven: 265mm x 265mm x 43mm in height

For The Small 12v Oven: 265mm x 175mm x 43mm in Height.

I've also made some full height single trays these require 1 wire race to be left in bottom.

For Marine oven these are 265mm x 250mm x 80mm high.

For Small oven these are 265mm x 160mm x 80mm in height

Cheers Rory
Gday bud just chasing when you might have 2 trays for the marine oven? Thankyou