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Travel Buddy Oven Trays

Discussion in 'Spares and Accessories' started by Pubski, Jun 19, 2018.

  1. Pubski

    Pubski Member

    Since people have been asking. I've made a few trays to fit large travel buddy ovens.
    I also have a prototype for the smaller oven being tested.
    Can fit 2 in an oven great for anything from roast to chips.
    Made from 1.2mm stainless with tig welded edges. (may be some discolouration of ineternal weld but will clean off with scourer or steel wool).
    I will potentially make more if enoigh interest they be done in batches of about min 4. Material may vary slightly in thickness and finish
    I have been told they rattle a bit i would suggest using tinfoil to pack it if the rattling annoys you.
    Currently have 4 available price is $30 each or 2 for $50.
    Large and small will be same price as material cost is negligible.

    Pick up available in pakenham after hours or Carrum Downs during business hours. Postage Australia wide.

    Will accept payment via PayPal or Bank Deposit whichever you prefer.
    Cheers Rory

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  2. Pubski

    Pubski Member

    So went to Post Office and got some prices. For australia wide its easier and cheaper for me to post using prepaid satchels.

    Large tray fit in the 5kg satchel which is $17.60 and i can fit 2 trays in each one.
    The smaller trays fit in the 3kg satchel and they are $13.60 each.

    Melbourne Metro I can post for $11
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  3. Pubski

    Pubski Member

    First 4 sold and sent out, i have a new batch of 9 underway potentially 6 sold already. If you're interested please pm me
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  4. Pubski

    Pubski Member

    New Batch of 9 is done 6 are sold 2 more Pending payment aswell.
    I have 2 trays left from this batch. If people are interested please me know there might be some lead time on next batch.

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  5. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    Got mine today, they are great! Heavy duty!
    Be interesting to see if they add much to the cooking time
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  6. Pubski

    Pubski Member

    No dramas mate i think once they're up to temp they should be fine. Personally when we do sausage rolls (home made of coarse) i don't find it makes much of a difference. things like roasts, chips potato gems hash browns i think it'd be ok.
    Pies i prefer to leave the top rack in (tray in place of bottom) and put pies on that way the bottom harden up.

    The Stainless is 1.2mm we actually use it to make trays for Tender Choice Foods usually about 100 at a time. If i can find some thinner gauge maybe 0.9mm i might make next batch out of that.
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  7. mac_man_luke

    mac_man_luke Well-Known Member

    yea dont see it being a problem at all but yet i doubt lighter would be a problem too.
  8. stevemc181

    stevemc181 Well-Known Member

    Mine turned up for the small travel buddy today, awesome fit, thanks Pubski! It always usd to annoy me trying to get something out of the oven when hot, these trays will be ideal with the handle on them. Just slide in and out no problem, and the occasional spilt mess from an overflowing pie etc, will be easy to clean up
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  9. sharkcaver

    sharkcaver Well-Known Member

    haha, I have the trays already and my travel Buddy marine arrives tomorrow. Chicko Rolls, Corn Jacks and oven fries coming up. My heart and arteries can get stuffed :eek:
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