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Howdy all.

Just saw that my ranger dropped the transfer case oil overnight, no previous signs of a leak.

Generally speaking how hard are they to change? It looks like quite a common problem, and doesn't seen to be that hard to access (without removing the trans case).

Anywhere is Brisbane I can pick the seals up?

Thanks all,

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If it has play invest in the HD version of the bearing . All performance gearboxes and tcase builders source these from bearing shops in preference to buying rebuild kits with the cheap bearings . End result is far less shaft play , smoother and very quiet . All you old gearbox used to have them


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I blew the front seal on my transfer case a couple of months ago.
Was a cheap repair, $100 labour , genuine mazda seal was about $35 plus new transfer case oil . Job done.
Would be easy to do yourself if you have access to a hoist.


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No access to a hoist, but I'm a small bloke.
By the explosion view seems to just be the nut, flange, and wiper holding the seal in

Would it be useful to replace the seal on the inside of the flange?

Any place to source the parts quickly in south Brsbane/Ipswich?


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Just go to you Ford or Mazda dealer and get a print out of the parts page.
I bet you will find that the seal is the only replaceable part you can buy.
Remove front driveshaft , pop out old seal and replace with new on. Replace oil.
Personaly Id get someone to do it . Yours looks like its been leaking for months .
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Appears to be too much "dried build up" of oil to be overnight as Spooner said its been going on a while, maybe its just finally "let go"


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Get it fixed as soon as you can mate , the longer you leave it , it will score the yoke input shaft .
I caught mine early , had some slight score marks , as that what make it leak in the 1st place .
Its been fine since so far by just replacing the seal.