tranfer oil?


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hi guys

im quite new to the forum and 4wd driving but what a lot of fun im having!
just a quick question i am changing all oils in my car and acording to the holden manual ,
it says to put the same oil in transfer case as engine the car is a 04 rodeo,I thought being gears that it would run some sought of fluie i.e transmission or difff

cheers steve!


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I'm not 100% about 04 model, but earlier models use engine oil in the transfer case on a lot of Rodeos. I believe some even use engine oil in the gearbox too. Just be careful of the filler plug housing on the gearbox, they sometimes tend to strip easy :eek:


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Normally the oils in the engine, gearbox, transfer case and diff's are different in most vehicles. Get a workshop manual or consult the user manual for your Rodeo. Call the local dealer workshop they should be able to confirm it.