Trailblaza Fridges

Big Matt

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Hey guys and gals, im looking around at fridges for the 4b and camper and have been having a good look at the Trailblaza fridges
Does anyone have one or know anyone who has one ? Any feed back at all would be sweet



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Hey Matt, go and see Glenn at Battery World Lilydale, he has a good range of fridges and ask him. he's a straight shooter, says it like it is!!!!!
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1 red gu

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hi matt my old boy has one , been a top fridge no problems
its about 20year old now and been around aus 3 times and never been serviced
go for it.

Ned Kelly 37

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Hi Matt,
My Brother in-law has has one, he has taken it to the cape a few times it gets thrown around the Ute like a rag doll and still keeps going strong, has had one thing go wrong with it and the company express posted the part to him and gave him advice over the phone on how to fit it on the fly.
Cant ask for more than that ay.