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I have recently purchased a 12 mp trail camera because of some vandalism at our farm while we are in Brisbane.
The camera states that the trigger distance is 25 meters which would suit me just fine.
The trigger distance during daylight hours is close to the stated trigger distance of 25 meters. however the trigger distance on either the camera or video setting is more like 4 meters at best.
I set the camera up in our house hallway and the trigger distance was about the same.
I had the side sensors turned of, I wonder if this would make any difference to the trigger distance?
Does anyone have one and can give me some advice on increasing the trigger distance at night?
Eg: At night, Is the trigger distance better on camera or video/ and with the side sensors on or off?
Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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Only to say, make sure it is well hidden. We put a night vision camera on fence post to check feral pigs coming through to damage pasture land.
Checking later on we found camera missing. Those damn pigs must have taken it with them.:rolleyes:.


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It seems not too bad during daylight but I will have to check it out in complete darkness next weekend.
Pigs will do that........................they steal cameras and then fly away ;):)


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Do you mean vandalism by people or animals? I really couldn’t understand this, because you wrote about pigs... but I suppose you meant people who play it low-down. I can understand because I had the same issue a year ago. I installed my best camera to hunt for a deer, but during the night it simply disappeared. Fantastic! I found that “flying pig” as you have said and told about him to the police. Fortunately I bumped into a nice forum about hunting and read an article about 10 best trial cameras
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Have you checked the quality of the recorded vision at night? From my limited experience, I used one for a while, the daylight vision is just acceptable but the night time vision is rubbish. Yes, you can see it is either human or animal but unless the human looks directly into the camera from less than two meters away there is no hope of identifying them. Maybe yours is better quality than the two different brands I bought.