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When I joined Earth 6 odd years ago, I was keen to upload or find tracks in my local area (or further) but lacked the technology (GPS) to work with the info.
I've had the technology now for sometime but as well all know the tracks database is as good as useless right now. I don't know what the hold up is in getting this going again (if there are even plans at all of getting it going again), but I did stumble on a very similar system recently that the adventure bike community use that is sooooooo simple and easy to follow that I don't know if the tracks section on Earth can be modeled off it in some way. Below is the link.
.gpx files can be loaded straight into Basecamp for Garmin GPS or saved to your puter for what ever other device you use. As I said, so flipping simple it took me bugger all time to work it out and that's saying something.


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I've been desperately hanging onto the hope as well!
It was absolutely amazing to be able to Just download the gpx, but also see other people's track log.

Sort of sucks having the slogan "Looking for a good route" when it doesn't work any more.


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Well, the longer it takes to rectify the issue with being able to download tracks, the more people will leave, I reckon. The link mentioned in the 1st post along with the HEMA cloud, to me is the main source for track information now. I no longer bother looking in the track section here as it's basically pointless. It would be good to get it going again, but the question is.... is it now too late as there is now plenty of other sites where u can upload/download tracks for free (ie: wikiloc is one for example)?