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Hi everyone!

We're planning to reintroduce the feature to allow the community to begin uploading and managing new tracks, campsites and clubs.

What sort of things would you like to see in this toolset? Here's some examples we have in mind

- Uploading GPS exports from your navigator.
- Attaching images to your tracks
- Track threads in the forum

What would be useful to the community?



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What luke said.

Upto date track / log info is very useful
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Well done for persisting with this. It's obviously been a challenge, but it is what attracted me to 4x4 Earth initially and it can make the site sticky.

Here are my random thoughts.
1)Make sure the map differentiates GPS tracks from single track locations on the map. In the current version they both appear the same till you zoom in.
2)Make it a premium section of 4x4 Earth. First year is say $20 - 30 then you get some credit for posting tracks. Say $5 per track and $2 per camp site. on next year's fee. So after the first year it's free if you contribute enough to the database. That should help build the database, help fund the development. I think it has the value to users. $30 per year to get access to well-researched tracks... A bit like the first system, but $$ instead of posts. It's not a lot of money and a way for users to contribute to the costs.
3)See if you can do a deal with some of the 4wd TV shows so they post their tracks on 4wd Earth with POI relating to the show. That could benefit them and you. Maybe it shows real-time locations where the 'stars' of the show are on this website during the broadcast. A big ask, I know.....
4)An app ( or recommendation to an app ) that logs and updates to the website. It would log offline then upload to 4x4 earth when it has coverage. If it was near real-time it could also be a family tracker. Ideally, it would have a private or shared mode, and then a public mode. Similar to EO.
The ability to add short video's of particular sections of tracks to include in your post.

That would work best if when you post a track it opens a forum thread.

The data base holding the maps and GPS data would become unimaginably big and slow if it was to incorporate the photos and videos.

I like the idea of been able to add Photos, Videos and Profiles to a track. The more info given on a track the better trip planning you could do.

One big thing that maybe looked at is starting from Day Zero, remove all old track data I have found a lot of misplaced tracks as well as discriptions of tracks that are now so out date to be usless.


Whats this idea of charging for access to information???
I don't see a need for it as there are many other ways of paying for such information storage..

But yes having access to accurate date would be nice and GPS data that can be exported into different software would be nice.
Last year while travelling the Madigan line I was able to load in a Mates previous track and this enabled us to find the beginning and some tracks less travelled that only added to the experience.. being able to access other track files would be nice - something I have been asking for on other sites for years..
My Software of choice is Ozieplorer for android.


Whats this idea of charging for access to information???

Hi Mate
Where did you get this idea? James has always been adament that 4x4Earth will be a free website although he has spent many thousands of dollars on the new tracks database alone.