Tracks...from Mackay to Townsville areas???


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The call is out to anyone that has explored either of these regions for tracks. I have looked on the track-list and other than Mia-Mia Crediton and one in Townsville, it seems that is it.

So if you have any details it would be appreciated for some direction.

Thanks all,
Nathan of Proserpine


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There are a few more up this way mate ;)

I'll have to start exploring further south, I'm sure there's heaps more to do in the Burdekin, but you'd be used to dodging cane farmers being from Prossie.

In all seriousness though I'm thinking we need to hit that Weir in the next 8 weeks tops!

Did you check out the track at Dingo Beach?? that's not far from you, but the track looks hard, maybe I can provide support at some point!

Also the guys in Mackay seem fairly active on the 4wdaction forum, maybe check that out??? Mackays an hour or something from you??
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