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tracks around St Albans /Wisemans

Discussion in 'Tracks Discussion' started by cooee64, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. cooee64

    cooee64 New Member

    Gday 4 x 4 crew Im heading down south for Christmas and wanted to take my kids for a bit of a day trek through St Albans up to Bucketty ( Hope I spelt that right ) Can anyone give me info on tracks around that area .Thanks in advance .Ooroo
  2. marc_mmg

    marc_mmg New Member

    Ooroo - most of the tracks around that area are affectively fire trails etc, so not too challenging but good for a day out. If you get yourself a copy of 4wd tracks close to Sydney you will find the St Albans area in there. There are some good side tracks that run down to sections of the olf convict built road if you are into a bit heritage etc. These side tracks are a bit more challenging. Let me know if you have no luck with getting the book, I think I have a copy at home and I might be able to scan it a and email it to you. Save some coin for the kids Chrissie presents! :):D
  3. cooee64

    cooee64 New Member

    Thanks marc_mmg ,Yeah the tracks from memory are easy ,just wasnt sure if they were still open .Where do I get one of those books ? Thanks again Ooroo
  4. Matthew McMaster

    Matthew McMaster New Member

    Hi, i am after the same information. Cannot seems to find this book you are speaking of. Any chance I could get you to send me some scans of the ones I would need.

    Thanks for your help
  5. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    You can download the waypoints from the menu item is on the left of the main page.
    It's a really nice drive following the river on each side from Windsor, crossing every bridge and ferry. A lot of it is dirt road, nothing hard.
  6. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    Mike and don’t forget lunch at St Albans pub :)
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  7. Matthew McMaster

    Matthew McMaster New Member

    Thanks for the help... I’m planning to head that way and I’m worried I won’t recieve the book in time. Any chance you could send some photos of the pages I’d need?
  8. Matthew McMaster

    Matthew McMaster New Member

    Yea this is the reason for my trip? Any suggestions on 4x4 tracks from Wollombi to St Albans
  9. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    Not really
    I don’t know if there are many options these days
  10. mikehzz

    mikehzz Well-Known Member

    The 4wd tracks around Wollombi are the Yengo trip from the Putty Rd through Big Yengo that comes out at Wollombi, or the track out of the Watagans. Neither of them go near St Albans. My book is old 5th edition.
    A day trip is to start at Windsor and plan to cross every bridge and ferry all the way to Wiseman's Ferry, then do the run from there to St Albans. A nice trip but 2wd.
    A weekend trip is to go up the Putty Rd, hook a right onto the track through Yengo that goes past a few interesting places. It's not hard but better done in low range in a few places. Camp at Wollombi Tavern for free Saturday night, then go down the Northern Rd to Bucketty and swing right to St Albans for Sunday lunch. The Yengo trip is #17 in my book. The entrance to Yengo off Putty Rd is very easy to miss because it's just a gate on an indistinct driveway with no signage. Download those treks and put them into your navigation software.
  11. denmonkey

    denmonkey Well-Known Member

    went down that way a months back.
    The park opposite the pub at st albans is lovely along the river.

    My mate went for a pub feed with the kids whilst I ate out of the back of the Pajero.
    He quickly returned when he spotted the price for a pie and chips at $30. Fish and chips was 27 i think. so take your wallet
    Needless to say we went on to wisemans for lunch.
    We did some trekking and there was a trail up there which was a locked gate with a phone number. He took a pic if you want me to track it down.
    We ended up driving some roads looking for access to it.
    coming from wisemans way after the second ferry and about 1-2 kms towards st albans there is a dirt road running up the hill to the left. this take you to the track gate.
    If you turn left at the top you can head down towards the houses down there. Nice for a stickybeak .
    You can also head through some gates down the bottom which will eventually take you along the river and back to the ferry.
    You go through some properties but no one questioned us and it was on the maps.

    If you want more detail let me know.

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