Tracks appearing on tracklist


I've recently added two tracks to the tracklist this morning, and they haven't appeared as yet on the map or list. How long does it take to be verified?

Big Rig

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Hey Limited. In my limited experience at logging tracks I have found it can take up to two weeks for them to appear. I think they have to go through an approval then a modification process. If it doesn't appear in a couple sent Pure Yobbo a msg. He will be able to help out further.


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Related to this I have submitted GPX files for a track that I initially saved with just a start point... and it's not updating... it's been over a month now!!


Hi guys if there is a problem send a PM to Patriot about it and he may be able to see if there is a fault, and yes they are usually checked before going up but shouldn't take more than a week unless the work load becomes heavy, Cheers