Track and Campsite submissions info and questions thread

Tracks and Campsites can take a day or so to be approved so it wont appear straight away, this said there is no need to resubmit thinking it did not work.
As Moderators we do our best to research and approve submissions in a timely manner, if it has been a few days and it's still not up feel free to contact one of us.

When Submitting:

Firstly check the listings for your state to make sure it's not already posted, if it is you can leave a comment on that post as to your experience on it and conditions at that time.
Please try to be as exact as possible on the map with the track start if not uploading a GPX
When providing GPX file for the submission make sure it is the track only not including your route on the tarmac to get there etc.
Give a good description of the track and the conditions when you were last there "Great fun after rain" does not really let people know what to expect regarding difficulty.
Please make sure the submission is of a legal to use track or area.
The original poster can update the listing with more info or a GPX file after submission via the edit function if required.
Track Grading guide : Track Difficulty Criteria - 4x4 Earth Australia for 4WD Tracks

Please be as exact as possible on the map when indicating it's location.
Put as much information as possible including a particular address if available, important contact details like web address and phone numbers if applicable.
If it's on private land make sure the owners details are listed and any conditions that should be followed.
If there are places of interest near by why not list them also, an out of town traveler would be pretty appreciative of this kind of information.

If you are having any trouble or have a questions you would like to ask post it up here in this thread and we will do our best to answer it quickly for you.


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Ekki Adventurers

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Hi guys,
I was just using the campsites advance search and was wondering is it possible to divide the bigger states into different areas, eg SW QLD, NTH QLD, etc. As this grows it becomes harder to pinpoint the right campsites as the search results are too large. Our only criteria is dog friendly and 4wd only. The only further refining I can do is where in qld I want to camp.
Any who just wondering
Have a great day.
why won't images upload on the submit track page I only got 1/2 my track sent as images wouldn't upload just sat there spinning around . maybe i should try forefox
I posted some campsites last week, and some tracks with KML yesterday , but still nothing is showing in my workshop. I also filled out a contact form following up on campsite uploads, so far no response. I would like to download some track files, but cant until i get enough points. Can you let me know if any camps or tracks were not accepted?
also my avatar is not showing? why is that?
Hi dutchies80. As far as your campsite logs go, they may still be under assessment by a mod before publication because sometimes it can take a little time to go through the process and that mod might be away. As I have not been doing this for all that long yet, I'm still picking-up on the processes used to notify members of unsuccessful logs but I'm sure you would be notified if there is an unsuccessful log.
As far as your avatar goes, the only reasons I can think of it not showing would be its either too large a picture or a failure to save the cahnges you made to your profile. Maybe one of the other mods can clarify further. I will look into it and get back to you soon.
G'day dutchies80. As mentioned in PM, you need a smaller avatar max 160x80 mpixels at 19.5KB and to publish a campsite, logs can't be rest areas. I look forward to your future logs. Good luck with it.
While you are on the case LL - submitted a track and a campsite probably nearly two weeks ago - campsite has been added but not the track and no repsonse.


While you are on the case LL - submitted a track and a campsite probably nearly two weeks ago - campsite has been added but not the track and no repsonse.


G'day Ross. Just had a look at the tracks list and if your talking about Dawes, it had been published and is sitting in the list right at the very bottom. Let me know if you have any problems.
G'day Ross. Just had a look at the tracks list and if your talking about Dawes, it had been published and is sitting in the list right at the very bottom. Let me know if you have any problems.
Now that wasn't there when I looked LL - my story and I'm sticking to it... :D

Cheers Mate
Submit new campsite

Hi, im new to this site, and trying to add a campsite i have visited.
I have entered all the details into the form and selected the site on the map (a brown/orange flag is on the correct spot) but it keeps asking me to select the campsite location on the map and won't let me press the 'submit' button.
I am using safari but have tried firefox and chrome with no luck....
any ideas where I'm going wrong?
Ive hit a problem with lodging campgrounds too

I spent nearly half a hour uploading 17 photos and doing a write up, I can pick the campground site on the map okay - and i can upload images ok - but the submit button wont work at the end and I lost all the work I put in again (happened to me last time I tried to submit that same campgrounds as well)

No idea whats going on - maybe its signing me out because Im taking so long to submit somthing - but I cant work any quicker with uploading photos?

Im using firefox - and am trying to add a campsite which exists in the list already but is in completely the wrong location (I tried sending a correction notice months ago but no correction so I tried lodging the camprounds myself in the correct location - twice now - both times the submit button doesnt do anything at all, doesnt even try)
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Yep prawns,
i can upload pics, but still tells me "Please select the campsite location on the map" and won't let me submit. i have tried about 5 times.
hope they sort it out soon.

I submitted 2 tracks a little while ago (I can see from the post above it can take a while that's fine)

But do you have a recommended number of points for the GPS log? (i.e. the system cant cope with more than 200 etc)
As my setup records a point every second and that is a little more than needed (though it does make a nice accurate track) I was wondering if there is a number of points to be aiming for?
Still cant upload a new track. Sent a contact us email, no reply. Does anyone actually manage this website?

Keeps telling me to select a location on the map, which I have. Any ideas what is stuffed?
Hey admins / mods.

Same drama as above, trying to upload a track;

Have picked a spot on the map drops a little brown speech bubble (Still says in red below the map "Please select the track location on the map").
Added name details, uploaded GPX file.

The submit button is not a clicky, it's just a graphic.
Unlimited clicks does nothing.

Any ideas?

WIN7, Firefox 37.0.1


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You guys do understand that every effort is being put towards the new site going live in the coming months? Highly unlikely that this one will be receiving anything other than basic maintenance before it becomes obsolete. Patience is a virtue.. or so I'm told? :D