Toyotas hold their value well


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Interestingly its been for sale about 2 almost 3 years now.

It pops up on forums from time to time and I stumble across it when cruising carsales from time to time.

I'd suggest its ever so slightly over priced :)




This vehicle is in brand new condition. It has never been driven on the road nor has it ever been wet. It has always been garaged and placed on stands. This vehicle has always been serviced by a diesel mechanic at regular intervals. There are no chips, dents or scratches on the paintwork, no oil leaks nor does it have any rust anywhere on the body. This vehicleis is in the original condition it was when purchased from the showroom in 1987. This vehicle is in immaculate new condition inside and out. This Landcruiser is one of a kind and will have to be seen to be believed...

now what would you do with it? THAT'S GOIN STRAIT TO THE POOL ROOM!


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I think they were only $30,000 new back then.
I don't think it is in the catagory of collectors car yet, but maybe in about 10 years, then you might see prices in the area he is asking for.
good luck to him if he gets it.


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Me think it is $25,000 - $30,000 over priced. Know a guy wanting to sell his old 60 for roughly $3,000 with all the lockers and extras