Toyota VDJ79R 2007


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Toyota VDJ79R 2008

Toyota VDJ79R, 2008

Good Points
Good space in tray for work and camping
great off road stability on steep hill climbs
V8 TD power and sound
dual tanks for long touring trips

Bad Points
injector rattle noise

What mods have you done?
3" EFS Lift. 3" Exhaust. 12T Dynamic rope Winch. FM100 Fuel management.
285 75 16 Pro Comp A/t's. on GX Alloys & 35x12.5 17 Nitto trail grapplers on walker evens beadlocks, duel batteries. EGR blank. Rear Elocker. safari Snorkel. OL diff breather extentions, autometer pyro and Exhaust temp gauges, Uni chip with duel injector drives

What mods are on the list to do?
not much now

Why did you buy this vehicle?
i out grew my BJ70 but was in love with the 70's reliability. so i got its big bro.

How often do you go offroad?
every chance i get!!!!

What will your next vehicle be?
COMP Truck


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Haha does the 79 get decent cup holders?
And do you recommend the exhaust, other than sounding sexy as all hell was there much of a difference?


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It's not a brand exhaust just a local shop 3" mandrel bent 1 resornator . and yeah it is worth it. In the cabin it's not really loud with the windows down it is. EGR blank is also a +
I get roughly 12.5lts per 100kms half town half town driving . if you want to drive with the foot to the floor every wher that will go up . But as you know the just off idle response and power is second to none any way

And I have the old dash in myn and love it just like the BJ70 metal dash can't beat it last forever easy to pull apart and put together again . no cup holders
I use the gap between the bench seat and drivers seat works a treat
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Yep I'll agree with the dash. So much better than th updated airbag job. Absolute pleasure to pull apart to run wires etc!


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Every time I see photos of people's MY series dashes it just does not say 70 series. And I'd imagin in 10 years every push clip holding it together will have broken and be rattling away


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Hi mate, have to agree on the dashboard. I have the same truck but 2008 with the "vintage" dash shall we say, sooo much better than the plastic cr*p!


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Mate nice looking rig ....

Hi mate thanks

Hey PHY,

Nice Tray Back Mate!
Great Colour Too, Ha Ha Ha.

Cheers Michael

Cheers they always say silver is faster

Hi mate, have to agree on the dashboard. I have the same truck but 2008 with the "vintage" dash shall we say, sooo much better than the plastic cr*p!

Hi buddy yeah, the old dash is just just plain and simple.

Great looking truck

Thanks mate

I want 1, nice rig mate:)

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Thanks mate .


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had my first big trip since i had the elocker put in, went up wood point way for a few days covered everything from rock, to clay, to black mud.
The rear locker really makes a huge difference. not just the fact that it did not get stuck but over all it was alot easier to drive and gave a solid feel while driving.

I think with a tad bit bigger rubber it will be ready for most challenges. Thow my extream days are over still rather be safe than sorry .
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good news & mine is faultless after several years & its had quite a bit of use in a lot of bad places.
Due to Marketing I still see ARB being number one but the Elocker IMO is better.

ANy up date pics of ya weapon while on holidays?


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Yeah I got a few ill Post one tonight.

I did a bit of research before bought an elocker can't really fault there design simple and strong.


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injector rattle

If the injector rattle is a pain you can try running some two stroke oil in your diesel about 200mls to a tank, there are alot of guys out there that are running it and its cheaper then some of the diesel conditioners out there. When you put it in go for a short drive and you will notice the difference, i did.


Yeh good tip I have used 2 stroke on a few trucks now not all get a noticeable result & some get smokier. But it does seem to work on a lot vehicles & definitely worth a try.


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Yeah I have been using t2 active jaso FC in 1:200 for a while now . Overall it is quiter and smoother but still noisy injector rattle.

I check them every service there all well with in the Toyota specs for injectors all under - or + 1 in computer correction .

You can tell if there buggered as you will start puffing black smoke when you put your foot down and spitting large amounts of black splatter out the Exhaust in the morning .

My mechanic said the big exhaust is echoing the noise . either way its annoying .


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Finally i knocked an item off my Mods to do list.

i started looking for an offroad set off rims and tyres about 8 months ago now.

after lots and lots of research and working out what will suit me the best i actually picked up my new set off steel and rubber Friday arvo from Lindsey tyres Mount Evelyn.
( Dave is very helpful and very good prices ).

so i guess your thinking how hard is it to choose a set of off road tyres ?

well when your me it is, i started by looking at the things that it lacks with 285 75 16s pro comp ats on factory alloys

tread width could be slightly wider
rolling diameter could be slightly bigger
AT construction and durability when pushed in the bush

then i looked at the vehicle.

the front track is definitely wide enough
But the back unfortunately is a whole 100mm narrower than the front, so correcting that is on the list

so i guess about now your thinking easy 50mm wheel spacers and 35x12.5s

well not really, i did not want to go as big as 35 as i intent to do mostly touring and 35s will use more fuel and probably need alot more done to the cruiser to make them fit, including more lift which i also dont want as i can only just get my 79 in to 2.1m carparks now with my 2" lift, so it becomes a hassle with every day use of the vehicle,

and there is just way to much controversy surrounding wheel spacers and this specific vehicle and because it is also a daily i did not want to go down the path.

now i started with looking at Jungle trekker II tyres due to there wide variety of sizes available but after every review stating it shakes your teeth loose for the first 10min you drive it every time (due to being a bias tyre) i was starting to think again, then also the reviews that they are really really bad on wet rock due to the hard compound, signed that tyres fate for me .
once again looking towards setting up a tuff tourer not a Mud truck

so after a few months of checking every tyre manufactures web sites for tyre sizes i found the tyre for me and it ticked all the boxes

305x70x17 maxxis bighorn

as far as i know it is the only radial that comes with an OD in between a small 35 and a big 33 (864mm) 34" and the added width too. (well any brand that has a name i have heard of before)

this is where dave at lindseys helped, he deals through dynamic wheels, so he had a look at 17" steel rims with a 5x150 pattern ( which is fairly scarce being suited to only 5 stud cruisers as far as i know ). he found out that they make a 17x8 -0, 17x8 -13 and a 17x9 -25

seeing as the factory alloys are 16x7 -0
I decided on 17x8 -0 for the front and 17x9 -25 for the rear and a 17x8 -0 as a spear
as they are only are a 4WD only set i decided i will get 38mm spacer and if it needs to be used on the rear the spacer will be used as an emergency till the rear is fixed.

so after i picked up my new wheels i got home last night, i was like a young boy on xmass eve i just could not wait so i had to fit them...........

and after they were on they looked the part, i had to wait till today to see how they would fair at full stretch, which also went very well the rear is fine and the front needs minor bull bar trimming. while 1 rear wheel is at full stretch the opposite front will not pass 0 degs as it hitts the corner of the bar,
i am fairly sure its only an issue with the Toyo bars the ARB ones are cut higher up close in on the arch. any way ill be able to fix that my self so no big deal.

the front track is now only 25mm wider than the rear so it has corrected 75mm and now you cannot notice it by eye.

and of course a few photos







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Nice rig there mate,

Can't wait to get a set of black Sunnys and some bigger tyres on my cruiser also, makes for a good looking truck.

Go the mighty 1vd!