Toyota V6 Hilux 2002


Toyota V6 Hilux, 2002

Good Points
Great all rounder
It's a Hilux, nothing more to say!

Bad Points
Not enough power for my liking

What mods have you done?
33" Muddies
4" Lift
Custom Bull Bar with Winch
Air Compressor
Front and Rear Lockers
Custom Rock Sliders
Spot lights
Safari Snorkel
Custom steel tray (In the making)
Saas Racing seats
Centre console 8l fridge
Foot-well Lights (Blue)
Front Grill Lights (Blue)
Under Body Lights
Flared Guards
Recovery gear
Hi-Lift jack
Pioneer Sound System
Custom Built Slim-line Sub Box

What mods are on the list to do?

Water tank
Dual Batteries
BIG Light bar
Long range fuel tank
Thermo fans
Maybe a turbo?

Why did you buy this vehicle?
There AWSOME + I wrote off my 2wd ute trying to 4b...

How often do you go offroad?

What will your next vehicle be?
HILUX for sure!


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Thanks guys, I got some more pics coming soon and I can now cross airlockers off my list aswell as they are being put in 2morro. :D


Went to Zig Zag this sat for the first place in the world :) had so much fun and met some great people...any of u guys know any good tracks apart from the powerline track that u can point me to?

Heres a couple of pics


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Thought I'd update this cause theres been a few changes that I've done and more on the list to be done...

12,000lbs kingone winch installed with abit of modifications to my NON Winch compatible bullbar

I'm currently in the middle of custom making a steel tray which will have duel batteries, water tank, under tray drawer, and long range fuel tank underneath

Installed some saas racing seats in the cab with a Waeco 8l centre console fridge in between

New UHF radio and Ariel cause old one broke

Safari snorkel

And put 33 x 12.5 bighorns on 15 x 8 rims so that makes a world of difference compared to the 31's

Oh and almost forgot to mention my custom rockslides :) saved my sills a couple of time now

All I need now is maybe a turbo to give it some more grunt and a thermo fan to keep it running cool when in low range cause I blew the cap of the radiator hammering up a very long and very STEEP hill in low 2nd...
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So its been 5 Years since I bought my Ute.
Been thinking either upgrade it to a nice new single cab Toyota landcruiser but work isn't ready for me to buy a new car yet so I thought I'd do a few things to the lux to bring her up to shape again.

Pic's and list of what's happened are Coming....


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Good thing you would like to stick to toyota...I believe every Australian should have the luxury of buying a brand new car once in their life. I have before. It didn't suit my needs, so i bought an old hilux. Now i would just rather spend money on it. Rebuilds are cheaper anyway then buying a new truck.... Especially if I already own it. XD


So since last year I haven't had the time to properly finish off my truck due to work commitments and well, LIFE. So Christmas break came around and I finally got working on finishing off the truck.

List of what's done:
Put deck on tray installed captive nuts underneath for toolboxes to be bolted down.
Installed my 2 100ah dual batteries underneath tray
Put seats in
All other little bits of trims that I hadn't put back on after the respray
Toolboxes on back of ute
Custom rubber mud flaps

Then because it was legally drivable and I only had minor things missing (Radio, cb radio, spotties and winch not wired up) I decided it would be a great time to go away after a year of not camping the itch was really there.

So packed the car with all my gear and left... Destination unknown.

I just started driving up the m2 then out past Windsor and onto Lithgow. Had the famous Lithgow maccas lunch break and decided I'd stop driving at Turon gates.

What a nice place that is. A few shallow river crossing and found the Woolshed flat campground which was just magical.

Setup camp and went for a dip in the Turon river. Boy was it cold, I mean refreshing.
Stayed on the Turon river for 4 nights. Would still be there except I ran out of grog and food due to lack of planning.

Definitely going back there soon.
Here are some pics of my setup and a few tracks I went on.