Toyota Service Information & Repair Manual Online


has anyone here registered with Toyota to use their online repair manuals?
found here
for $16.50 you get one days access, $66.00 for a week, $198.00 for 30 days and $1980.00 for a year
if so can you download and print the pages you want?
I presume they are pdf format
years ago I used Genuine repair manuals for work on my HJ60 and found the Toyota way better than a Gregories or Haynes so am interested in using them for my current 70 series


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I reckon you wouldnt be able to easily download them or why would you do anything but a daily subscription.
I got PDF toyota manuals off ebay for about $10, they do the job but its a bit of a mix as it seems to cover the whole 70 series and some are not great photo copies.


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Cant see why you couldnt download them - Land Rover has a similar system and you can easily download what you require. Might take a while to download the full set however.....