Toyota prado Kdj150 3.0 td



just bought a nice and clean never been offroad prado2013 only90000kms on it. But i feel the car is under power.Is this normal with these cars?



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Yep, sad but true, reliable and will last a long time, well until the engine mount falls into the chassis or the skirts crack but couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding and towing is painful with anything more than about 1500kg.
Other than that a great car, enjoy


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I have an earlier 150 and I found you get slight gains by blocking your EGR and a bigger exhaust. It’s not a rocket and never will be but I find it alright. I don’t run around dragging off the lights but never have much trouble overtaking on the highway for making my way round the city. If it’s really bothering you, maybe try an iDrive or similar throttle controller.
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