Toyota Prado 120 series 12 volt set up


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Hi all, new to the forum just looking for some advise. I'm planning on getting a 12 volt set up in my 2005 Toyota Prado 120 series, nothing too serious just looking to power a fridge, a few lights and a few 12 volt appliances (phone charging etc). I've bought myself a 120 ah lithium battery and a 160 Watt solar panel, i was wondering what the best set up for me would be? i want to do a dual battery system but im not sure how to go about choosing the right parts. Was wondering if anyone could recommend a dual battery charger? and on top of that im looking for a reliable fridge, preferably not a kings branded one. I also don't want to spend too much.
If anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated, Cheers


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Plenty of info about but to charge a lithium battery properly and get full life from it you will need a DC to DC charger with lithium setting, that will supply the correct voltage and charge rate
Lead acid need 14.4 to 15 volts
Gel batteries need 14.1 to 14.4
Deep cycle need 13.6 to 14.8 depending on use
Lithium need 14.4 to 14.6
Lithium also needs a soft charge setting for while in storage and don’t like being left at100% for extended periods when not being used
Only small differences but that difference makes a big difference over the long term


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some DCDC chargers like Redarc are waterproof so can be mounted under the bonnet most of the brands though will need to be inside
I had Redarc in my last vehicle but went Enerdrive this time
There are several good brands to choose ftt try on I like the above two as they are Australian made and they offer excellent after sales service
There are cheaper units about but don’t know much about them
Have a look on the My Generstor website they have some good package deals often
You will need a lithium compatible battery monitor as well

Fridge wise you will hear good and bad on all of them. I would buy one with a good warranty from a bricks and mortar store so you can take it back if you have a drama
Just as important is to think about where you will be putting it and how the lid opens for easy access
BCF has a Dometic 40 litre that is the old Waeco model from 19 years ago that is around $400 and they are a basic reliable fridge