Toyota parts catalogue 2020.


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Thought I'd post the latest Toyota parts catalogue for anyone that's interested.

You can search your vehicle by entering the frame number, to determine your frame number U use the model code followed by the last 7 digits of your VIN.

So for example a 76 series LandCruiser model is VDJ76 so frame number would look like this


The hash tags represent the last 7 of your VIN.

As brought to my attention by trophy truck in post below for some vehicles it will accept full VIN in the frame number search to work. So please try both methods as one will definitely log U in.

U can also use it so search a Toyota part number and Decode a Toyota VIN.

Also handy for picture reference to part locations ECT.

Hope it helps.
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i just had a quick look at that one , found it didn't work until i put my whole vin number in, then was similar to the pics on the other sites i use, but much harder to get to the part number of what your looking for

i use 2 other sites to gather all my part numbers & prices has good pics, and gets you the part numbers also has good pics & gets to the part numbers easy & gives you prices ( can make it in AUS$) and gives you a freight rate at the end)
once i have the part numbers i use this site for pricing & delivery includes GST & duties etc, plus a postage at the end

for example i called my Toyota guy and asked for all the parts to replace the rear wheel bearings & seals on a LC100 TD
through toyota, $885 trade, through Amayama, $445 + $222 postage
the rear seal was $18 at toyota & $5.40 through Amayama
but i always check the prices here as for a radiator for that cruiser
Amayama was $1100 plus delivery, in Aus at Toyota was $465 +gst

once you have the part number you can search for it on the web eg
cv boot kit from Toyota is $152 here, but $48US$ from the US plus postage

i have made a spread sheet in Excel to store all my part numbers ( add ones i find others have found) and now have a list off all the thinks i need to look at to keep a 15yr old Land-cruiser in top shape


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Hi Trophy.

Not sure how U entered details mate as it should work fine using method I explained.

My model is vdj76r .U don't use the last letter designated. If U do a vin break down in the Vin tab my model is shown as VDJ76. U then use a - and then last 7 digits of VIN. This must be entered in the frame number search tab.

VDJ76-0000000 is how number should look

Also I did notice in frame no. It showed underneath a example of both a Frame and a vin so might be the case for some vehicles.

Sounds to me U have plenty of great resources there your self also mate. Thanks for posting them up also

If you have time just try once more for me as I'd like to be sure my method works for all who try to use my link.

Cheers Trophy.
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Also Toyota can work of the figure no. Being the page it looking at and pnc number being the shorted number of part on page to order that specific part for you if U chose to order through them.

Being in the auto trade I've used this method countless times as when I'm describing things they don't understand exactly they will email the the figures and I tell them the PNC to be sure not to end up with wrong part.

Nothing worse than waiting on a backorder to find it comes as wrong part.