Toyota P/U aka Hilux 1984


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Toyota P/U aka Hilux, 1984

Good Points
Everything. So much stuff being developed for these trucks and a LOT of stuff crosses over from other models.

Bad Points
Carburetor and Smog laws in my state.

What mods have you done?
Pretty much everything.

Engine: DOA built top end, Ported and polished head and intake, WAM bottom end, LCengineering Under drive water pump and bottom crank pulleys, 32/36 Weber street lethal carb, LC Open element on the carb and valve cover, LC high volume oil pump, Downey Header, NWOR recurve kit, Flex-a-lite fan from LCengineering

Suspension: Allpro 4inch, 1inch longer front 5in longer rear springs, Johnny joint rear shackle, Bilstein 5100's,Allpro shock hoops

Gearing: Hi-Pinion front dif Cal Mini, 5.29 diffs, Dual Ultimate Marlin Crawler (223:1), ARB air lockers front and rear, 91 W56-C (HD) California Minitrucks

Armour: Allpro diff guards front and back, Allpro nerf bars, Allpro front winch bumper, Jay King rear bumper, Allpro cross member, Allpro axle truss.

Tires: 35inch Goodyear MT/r

Brakes: FJ60 rotors, 92 V6 P/U calipers, Braided lines, Allpro inboard E-brake, 1992 FJ80 Master Cyclinder, Allpro rear disk brake conversion, 79-85 Monte Carlo or Cadilac Eldorado front calipers with modified Chevy rotor.

Steering: Allpro Spherical Rod End Hy-steer, Fabricated Pitman Arm, 87 IFS steering box

Axles: Bobby Long 30 Spline inner axles (C-clip eliminated), Bobby Long 30 Spline outers, 1.5in spacers to match rear, 87 4runner rear Calminitruck, Ubolt flip up front, Ubolt eliminator on rear axle, Rear axle clocked for dual transfer case, Allpro long slip front drive shaft, Extended differential breathers, Trail-Gear high clearance rear axle.

ETC!: Yellow top Optima battery, ARB onboard air, Hannemann fiberglass fenders, Custom upholstered 85 bucket seats in leather, Sylvania ST head lamps, Factory wiper blades, E-dead V1 SE sound deadening mat. First shortbed Can-Back by new owners.

What mods are on the list to do?
Hmmm... EFI conversion maybe?

Why did you buy this vehicle?
I'm a Yota fan boy? ;)

How often do you go offroad?

What will your next vehicle be?
Maybe a tacoma with a solid axle conversion.


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I try and keep it pretty clean except for this little oops.. I got really lucky on this roll. Only got the bed. Cab, Door, Can-Back etc were untouched. If you look really close that is Junie the rock dog escaping out the driver side window.


teza h

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Yeh! the lifted Lux's are a real wepon, but they do have a tendencey to be a bit top heavy though, eh!


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That's one tough looking truck you have there mate, but what the hell is a tacoma????

That would be what we call our trucks now. (1995 and newer)

Older then 1995. The Hilux branding was only noted in our owners manual and shop manual. But the US felt it important to just call them pickups. But us TRUE Hilux lovers know better. ;)