Toyota or Nissan


4x4 Earth Contributer
Toyota will not cover you if you take a Hilux in water that touches the bottom of the front bumper.
i went in about 400mm water and the gear box (auto) was stuffed, car was 9 months old. So you will save money not putting a snorkle on.( you wont need it in 200mm of water) for a $50,000 4x4 thats crap, but i think the Navara is the same but it is alot cheaper, If you do need something thats capable of a few river crossings in the High country maybe you need to think about that.
I have had 2 Hiluxes, 1 Prado, & 2 Patrols, The Patrol has been able to take me further and is my Favorite, The 1 i have now i think it will be in my Garage for a long time. 3 ltr over a 4.2 in the patrol, well if you can get a 4.2 they are sooo much $ you may as well get a 3 ltr and if anything happens to it, the price you pay for it, you can put anything in you want motors last for ever. most 3 ltrs arent a problem, they just did have a larger % that were bad, more than any other Motor i agree.
My 3 ltr, goes great over 735 Nm torque and a 40% increase in power, with a moduel and exhaust, "real Happy"