Toyota Landcruiser 1991

Black Bull

Toyota Landcruiser, 1991

Good Points
Capable, Comfortable. Awesome off Road, even with no Lockers & AT's :eek:

Bad Points
Thirsty, Bulky in tight spots.
Floor radiates a lot of heat.

What mods have you done?
Um...cut it in half

What mods are on the list to do?
Find a VVT VCT common rail Cummins and 6 speed Allison for it

Why did you buy this vehicle?
was after a coiled trail Rig

How often do you go offroad?
As often as possible

What will your next vehicle be?
Half Hilux/ Half 80 Series
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Black Bull

Here we go :p
Due to time constraints I've bought a running project so I can finish the hilux at my leisure. (Project 2 of 500) :eek:

The basics are there but Still a bit of sorting and finishing off to do

Still to do, :eek:

Rear cage/tray.
Remake front bar.
Fix paint (Don't like the blue)
Interior Trim.
Laminate front diff and reverse radius arms.
Adjustable panhards.
Rear winch.
Diff Locks.

Black Bull

Got it to the shop and cleaned it up a bit and started sorting a few little things like the lack of reverse lights and interior lighting. also fitted some legal"ish" tyres :p


Black Bull

Fixed some of the welds on the rear where the chassis had been shortened, especially seeing as it's where my recovery points have to attach to!!

Not saying they didn't have enough strength, just that I wasn't happy with them. that and I'm a firm believer in Fish plates wherever the chassis is welded to or modified :cool:

Ground and "V" d them all out and re-did them.

Back to wiring!! :mad:

Black Bull

Well, the old girl has a few runs under her belt now, tackled Wheeny creek and took everything Zig Zag threw at it and towed/winched a few vehicles through both.

Here's a few action shots

Slippery Rock

Wombat holes on Powerline

Last ridge on Wheeny creek.

Found out where it works and doesn't.

So it needs Lockers,
More power.
Part time 4WD
more barwork
Convert the rear shocks to eye-eye as the ones in it are starting to bend the top mounts. that and some lower rate coils. the rears are little to hard for on road use. offroad they're beautiful though. but will wait till I finish decking the back first

So.... Putting in LPG :rolleyes:
Got an air locker for the front.
Got the steel for the rear.

Now just need some more spare time and cash :(

Black Bull

Ok, well started to make the rear belly plate/Winch mount/battery trays today.

Cut out the old spare tyre mount, didn't take much either

Started with a sheet of 6mm plate
& having a Mag drill makes life easy :p

It's got cut-outs around the back edge for drainage/cleaning(that's what the holes were for)

Plate's Tack welded in to see how everything is gunna fit

Nice flat belly :D

You'll notice that there's a piece of 1/2" plate welded down the back side of the rear cross member. that's for the tow bar to mount to. ;)
Also for anyone interested, it's a beefed up 15000lb warn. braced, 6hp will run 16mm Synthetic Rope, should be good for 25,000 + pounds

Black Bull

Haven't got a great deal done, This week.
Spent most of Tuesday and yesterday laid up in bed with some kind of Flu, dead set felt like I got hit by a big truck :(
Pretty much right today though :thumb:

Anyway, main belly plate is fully welded top and bottom, also have the bottom half of the winch mount done. still nutting out the top half, winch was never designed to be top loaded, nor have a 6hp motor on it :p

Also going to change the way the batteries will go in to save a bit of hight and how the tow bar will mount.
The way it was I would have had to remove the winch to get the tow hitch on and off.

Got a bit of contract welding to do tomorrow but hopefully should get mostly finished tomorrow night ready to start barwork on Sat. (Cheers to Joshy for lending me one of his Dies :thumb: )

Helping Turtle again on Sunday so going to be rip shit and bust to have the ole girl ready for next weekend.

Oh, any ideas on a name for the truck guys ?


Black Bull

Well she's back to socks and undies, now need to sort out where stuff is gunna fit :confused:

Started with this :D

then ended up with this, as you can see the guy who built it didn't even paint behind the tool box (which as it turns out had 4 tec screws holding it on.....dunno how it hasn't come off :confused:

Gunna put the wheels back on it now, move it and bolt down the bender for tomorrow.

but first....more Bundy :cool:

Black Bull

Guys, would it be worth going to the trouble of moving the rear axle back about 2"

Can't do my rollover hoop the way I want as the tyres will hit them


Neat looking rig and some serious work cut out for you there, Bundy on regardless, hope it all comes together.

Black Bull

Cheers guys :cool:

Spent most of today doing repairs on a Tipper Body, so am sick of cutting/grinding/welding. Persisted though and made sure I had some progress. :p

Biggest problem is there's nothing even remotely strong enough to mount a tray/ROPS to without welding to the chassis, and can't put anything outboard of the chassis in the wheel well as the tyres will rub. :(


Going to build a sub frame into the chassis.
All welds on the flanges of the chassis rail will be gusseted and then normalised to prevent cracking.;)


Black Bull

Bit of Progress today.

Not going to weld it on any more, figured out a better way to do it, although it is tacked to the chassis for the moment :eek:

Got some steel this morning and started on it this afternoon.

Bit hard to see in the steel main frame is 150x50 and internally is 50x50 & 50x25 with 50x75 for risers.

Think I've got the proportions right, still keep thinking about how a big a ***** she is :D

All Ties in at these noids, should be strong enough with the hoop and diagonal braces

Probably a little to much but I've left 50mm between the cab, tray & bar work

Black Bull

Finally got some work done on my truck, basic tray frame is done. now lots of Fill ins, and brackets to make.

Even though it's so short is still a big ******* of a tray :p

Got the rear chassis/winch/hinge brace pretty much done now, ******* of the a job when your working with something that's not square or straight to start with. thank god I've got a big linisher!!. Still undecided as to what/how I'm going to fill the center of the tray hollow.
But for now I'm done for the night anyway, have to go pick up some more steel in the morning to make hinges.
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Black Bull

I'm has Happy as a Pig in Sh!t :p

Spent a few Bundy's over the weekend trying to figure out how I'll be able to access all the various areas in and under my tray, both to utilize available space and to get at it without major sections being removed. and I came up with an idea :cool:

First I started with these.

and made this. It'll be where my rear fairlead/hawse bolts up, also supports the winch and a few other things.

Went to a mate's and stole his lathe and made these.

added it to some of this.

Made these.

Now the Tray Does This.

So I can Access all This.

It Worked!! :cool:
Hasn't got rollover bars or plate on it yet, lots of gussets etc still to add but it's quite well balanced, I recon Gas struts will be enough to lift it easily. :D
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mate! Seriously tasty rig there - I now feel a bit tame with my existing mods on my cruiser, and even with the planned ones!

Black Bull

Cheers mate.
Todays update.
Welded a crush tube into the chassis, the right size hole was already there too :D

Then made the mounts. 10mm plate with a 3/4" bolt.

Boxed in the hinge, this is in the tray up position.
Still gotta have more lateral support added later.

Tray down

So to lift the tray, loosen rear bolts a tad, remove front bolts and tilt.
When the 4 Bolts are tight it'll be rock solid :thumb:
Bolts are easy to access too. :p

Black Bull

Got a bit more done tonight. basically finished the tray except some in-fill panels, couple of brackets and top plate. so lifted it off to finish underneath.

Then gave my new favorite toy a workout after having to fix it last night

Cut and bent up the infill panels for the rear chassis box

Then cleaned it up, sealed the seams and made battery hold down brackets. here is how it'll all sit :D

Next gotta make a Lid and Mount some glands for cable to pass through ....tis 5am :zzz: