Toyota Hilux Ute Tub Liner, Sports Bars Racks, Tonneau


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cleaning out the shed.

Toyota Hilux Single Cab 2008/09/10 Ute liner, Tonneau cover and Sports bars for sale.

Ute liners in good condition, 2 years old so its had some use and has 8 small drill holes where my tool boxes were bolted down. Comes with all the fittings.

Tonneau cover is in average condition, one tie is broken and one has ripped off. Comes with 2 bars and brackets. You'll need the pop rivot things for your ute.

Sports rack are in ok condition, nothing fancy. has been used to carry timber.

These were bought with the intention of turning it into a unique plastic rust free trailer (same as a pod trailer)

no longer have the time nor the money and now need the space.