Toyota Hilux SR 2007

Hey Max
Dont know if you remember me but my names George, we met through mutual friend Glen from tjm airport west on a day out to wombat where you helped change my broken cv on my brand new triton.

Well in the end she too turned out to be one of the most capable ifs rigs in the land too after seeing just what could be achieved through ifs after seeing the places you put yours in to.
In the end she was 4 linch lifted, had a diff drop kit, upper control arms twin locked amd 3.15 reduction gears.
As expected the thing went anywhere and have successfully tackled Alcorn track, rocky track walking track and many more wothout requiring the assistance of a winch.
Unfortunately i sold her at the start of this year to a bloke in nsw and he us enjoying her heaps.

These days i now managed to aquire Mark Johnsons car from Jpc Automotive in thomastown.
Shes a twin locked auto gu patrol with 3 inch lift and 35s.

Only had her for a month so wpuld be good to head out with you again when you get this new luxxy up and running.

Hoping you're well and looking forward to seeing you out on the track you been? Yes i remember you and your triton. Great to hear that i could have influenced a non hilux owner as well. All the best with the GU patrol and yes, would be great to catchup for a day together when the new one is up and ready.

Barra GU

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Sounds good bloke!
Will have to try and tee something up again soon.
I doubt it will be long before 2.0 will be ripping it up on the tracks ;)

Speak soon!