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I am a new member to this forum but have seen your very detailed reports on the modifications you have done, very impressive.

As I am about to purchase my first Hilux (2005 double cab) I was hoping I could get some input from you.

I live on the island of Barabdos and any parts for modification have to be built or imported ($$$$).
I plan to use it for navigational Rallying, so it will be going through lots of mud, hills, sand, water etc. The local guys tell me to start with rims & tyres (38's), Body lift and lower gearing to accomodate tyres and then snorkel. I also have to get flares as our laws dictate the wheels must be covered.
Was hoping to get some feed back?

Brett, I know Max will respond to your questions when he wakes up :rolleyes: but I reckon you are dreaming about 38's on a Hilux. That will simply be too big. Generally anythng over 33" will require cutting and trimming of the body mount on the chassis behind the front wheel. Some people have fitted 35" tyres wth a body lift and a 3-4" suspension lift. I can help you with a body llift kit (see Vehicle Modifications Network ). By the sound of it you will see more mud than most, so I would stick to a fairly narrow tyre and possibly consider an extreme tyre like the Interco Swamper TSL or a Simex Jungletrekker. We are pretty sure you would get a 34x10.5x16" Swamper TSL fitted with a body lift and suspension lift.

If you are going to run a big tyre (35"), than I would suggest getting the 4.556 thick cut crown wheel and pinions from JTs Parts & Accessories, If you can work out a way to get 38's on board then probably their 4.8 gears would be a better bet. I think they also do stronger axles.

I reckon from your description of driving conditions, momentum wll be really important to you so I doubt there would be much need to add the crawl box that Max has and therefore the diffs are a better option for you.

You'll need some sort of suspension lift and given your location, I would recommend you consider importing a Tacoma front coil over front suspension kit from the US. (eg. Camburg or Total Chaos etc). The Tacoma has a different lower control arm to the Hilux so the long travel kits used in the US won't fit. As far as the rear suspension goes, start with gettting the factory springs reset and maybe add longer shocks. You should be able to get custom leaves made locally in a spring works and you might be able to get some preformance rear shocks when you get your coil over kit.

There is a lot more Hilux specific info on - The Ultimate online Hilux community!

Rod pretty much summed it up.....only way your going to fit 38's is to do Artic truck style type mods where they cut the complete front crossmember off, move it forward and lower and reweld it......

they also tub the firewall...major mod. i wouldnt reccomend doint it.

the other way is to put a solid front axle in and during that process move the front axle position forwards. that way youcould run close to 38's......

good luck, keep us/me updated as Id love to follow progress of your build.

hope myself and Rod helped you abit.
Many thanks for the input, guess I have some rethinking to do. local guys have been putting 38's under their older hilux's with a simple body lift for ages, but this is the first "new shape" so i am hesitant to jump the gun. Glad I asked you guys.

Might borrow a pair of 35' & 38' on 15" rims and see how bad it is.

Thanks Agin will keep out all updated.
Well I had my 4x4 action shoot yesterday, was a good day thou full on......

I met the photographer, Steve from Holeshot Images at Tallarook Township and headed off into Tallrook Forest for the pics.....Because everything is closed for the winter the selection of tracks/camp areas etc to take pics off was limited. We drobe up Mt. Hickey Rd I think it was called to the Telstra tower up there but didnt look like a good spot to shoot pics from. Coming back down Steve decided to take some shots with the burnt trees and hillside in the background.....the black and browns of the landscape matched the hilux perfectly...I took some with my $shitty camera too.

Further on back down the track Steve spotted a large rocky platteue to the side of the mountain...we went there and it was perfect to get some good snaps, the sun had come out and luckily I brought some bits and pieces to finish off detailing the hilux......

The spot is awesome....Im hanging to go back there and have a proper play on the rocks.... :twisted: there is alot of moss and crap on the rocks so was abit slippery near the bottom....tyres pressure were at road pressure so I couldnt go nuts and no I didnt lower was just a photo shoot, didnt think we would need to.

The pic above gave Steve a chance to crawl under neath and take a few under carriage pics.

The pic below shows how good/beneficial the rear quater chop is -

After that we tried to get to the reservoir there but every track /way we tried it was closed. We checked on our maps and Steve new of a scenic spot further on towards the east side of the forest and we decided to take Red Hill Track to get there.....Boy! wasn't that an experience :shock:

It was steep at places which wasnt bad but as we went on downhill, the track become really really slushy, so much so that the hilux's ar$e end was beginning to over take the front going downhill, forcing me to drive into....not fun at all!

One section there were deep ruts that you couldnt avoid and they dragged you into a wash out to the side of the track....the side of the track that I was supposed to be on was angled upwards so this was gonna be a challenge to get out......

I couldnt beleive only a few hours earlier my hilux was clean as and now the entire side was covered in gumbo-mud!

Steve slid off the track, luckily he had a winch on his GQ Patrol and pulled himself back onto it.I managed to reverse a few metres out of the washout.....others had obviously been stuck there before and left there big shovel there which I began to dig my own ruts to the side and block off the one that was there with branches and mud so the hilux front end would drag itself sideways and out of the $hithole.

Steve got some awesome pics of the hilux in its predicament...and me in mud shoveling..... :oops:

When done, I gave the luxi heaps....the front end half dragged itself out and the hilux kind of fish tailed out of the ruts and (almost off the side of the track towards an insurance job :shock: :eek: ) and yes, I did soil my underwear getting out of there as I was going way to fast at that point and way too sideways down the hill.....

I only hope he got that on camera.....would have been impressive.

Got no idea when it'll be in the mags......but I reckon if you want a challenge, go to that track from the bottom to the top when slippery.....Im not too keen on mud but had no choice once I was into it.
Monster Rides Driveshafts

Well my Monster-Rides upgraded driveshafts came in last thursday. One of the very first batch made.

These in testing, coupled with aftermarket uper control arms and custom built coil overs are getting some absolutely awesome travel numbers without any binding of the cv whatsoever. I hope to upgrade my upper arms and coil overs too i the future to match.

These along withsome other bits and pieces we got developing at Monster Rides for the current model Hilux will set the standard in aftermarket IFS suspension development in this country! Unfortunately Im not allowed to release the figures at this point in time but will when everything is complete in about amonths time.

Here are a couple more pics -

We have had interest from the USA for these driveshafts, and will be sending 2 pairs over in the near future. One will be fitted to an FJ Cruiser with 3" lift and 35's and the other will be fitted to the editor of Toyota 4WD Magazines personal FJ Cruiser Baja Racer. Heres a pic of it -

A built FJ Cruiser with Total Chaos, Sway-a-way COs & Bypasses, SCORE legal cage, PRP etc. It had raced 2007 Baja 500 and the V2R 2008
They are going to use our/these driveshafts and replace the center shafts with the longer Total Chaos ones to get the right track width.

They are planning on doing up this FJ Cruiser for an upcoming King of Hammers race, not to win it, but just to be the first full bodied FJ Cruiser with IFS to do it, so hopefully we can be there for when it happens.

Future plans for this FJ are -

Currie 9" rear
IFS, yes IFS front using a Currie 9" housing.
RCV D60 CVs - Now Monster Rides CV's
Atlas 4

Here it is on 39s with a little photo chop fender trim job.
Monster Rides - Vehicle Solutions, 4x4 Accessories, & Finance
Just got word last night that my Upper Arms and extended ball joints are on their way too

Im planning on using ball joint equipped Camburg UCA's and I'll be trying something different with them by fitting extended ball joint to them to get the most out of these shafts.

Heres a pic of the extended ball joints Ill be fitting -

And the Camburg UCA's -

Im hoping both these together will get me the most out of the front IFS...trying to be different and explore what the front IFS of thesecan achieve.

Once the above is done a set of custom built coil-overs will be slotted in that we are currently developing to suit and it should be one of the best "Non extra track widened, long travel IFS" suspension's around.
Been a while since my last update...some things have happened, others have not.

Made it into 4WD Toyota owners mag in the USA in Novemeber of last year...article below for those wanting a read -

The heavy duty driveshafts have been put on hold for now, they needed some extra machining and a replacement part so I sent them back for this to get done (they were a test item after all) and due to other project being done by Monster Rides at the moment it has been put on hold for now.

Ive fitted and am testing extended factory ball joints in my factory upper control arms -

The balljoints come in 25mm extended or 40mm extended. Pic below shows the standard one in the middle, mine are 25mm extended.

What does this do? It keeps your factory Upper Control Arm off the coil on full droop as the factory upper arms contact the coils sometimes.

Here they are fitted.

They also provide an inch more downtravel.

The other item I have test fitted is the new Monster Rides front diff relocation brackets. This is the only set of front diff brackets in the world for the current hilux that actually lower the front diff a good inch or so including the rear mount. All other products on the market only lower the front two mounts causing the front diff to "roll forward" and only giving you barely half an inch reprieve on the cv shafts if that.

Heres the kit -

Below is a pic of the cv angles on a 3" lifted hilux before the bracket fit (not mine)-

And here is a pic of the cv angles after the bracket fit -

An awesome improvement. Benefits of this bracket kit are that it protects the cv shafts but not keeping them operating at an extreme angle most of the time - allows more potential for down travel with a well set up kit - and less chance of busting a cv offroad.

Downside - the front diff pumpkin hangs now about an inch lower than the crossmember.....

To protect this Ive started cutting up my bashplate to allow it to fit over the exposed/lower diff pumpkin and brackets and will box it up over the top of these items toprotect them -

Below pic of bashplate fitted with exposed parts to be covered hanging through -

Once covered, will sand all back and get it powdercoated.

The Camburg Upper Control Arms came in as planned/expected late last year but in testing that Monster Rides did we werent happy with their performance and their limited Castor adjustability so Monster Rides set out to build their own Upper Control Arms and we are proud to say that these are the first Australian made Aftermarket Upper Control Arms for the current model hilux on the market and they offer alot more adjustability than Camburg, All Pro or any other upper arm except of Icon.

These will be offered in two options - one with a 1.25" uniball and cover or a factory ball joint fittment.

The first batch just got made a few days ago so the whole front kit including new remote reservoir coilovers should be on its way soon.

My hilux will be on display in the Monster Rides Vendor stall at Tuff truck 2011 (NSW)in April showcasing the new IFS suspension kit that will give 11.5 - 12" of front wheel travel....something the yanks cannot achieve without increase track width by 3" or so.

Thanks mate.....there are alot of "first's" that Monster Rides is doing at the moment...alot of trialling test products and developing ideas for the market that the major 4x4 shops just dont have the balls to attempt.

Good thing is alot of this will branch off into the FJ Cruiser market, Prado 120's etc and then we'll look at some of the newer models coming out as their age and value begins to drop and popularity begins to increase.
Had a quiet morning at work so I played a little with MS-Paint and a pic of my hilux.....raised it slightly mroe and made the tyres look bigger....tried to get em looking like a 35" but I think they look closer to 37 in the pic below....hmmm maybe one day.

Finally gonna see some changes made to the hilux this weekend.....

Monster Rides has finally completed their first batch of adjustable height coilovers for the front -

They will be set to 4" on the front....with the diff brackets already fitted the cv angle shouldnt be any more than a 2-2.5" equivalent.

Getting an extended rear shackle for now to give me an extra 1-1.5" height to suit the front better. At some stage Id like to get a custom length longer top leaf to get some better shackle angle and invert the rear shocks.....

Uniball Monster Rides Upper Control Arms....these have a shitload of castor adjustment available -

Swaybar relocators -

Not sure if Im getting the beefed up swaybar links sent aswell...will see...these bits are getting sent to me mates workshop who will fit them this weekend for me.

I also have to organise tyres by weeks end.....the hilux will be on display at the Monster Rides Vendor Stall at Tuff Truck Comp the following week.

I have great discount pricing from either Toyo or Goodyear so my choice is down to the MTR Kevlar or the Open Country MT's.....size will be 305/70x16 (33/12.5x16), if I cannot get them by weeksend then alternative tyres will need to be quickly sourced.

opinions on either would be great.

bashplate is still getting modded...hard to find time.rollseye2
New 305/70x16 MTR's, new Monster Rides adjustable height coil overs.....

front is sitting at just on 3" Id say or a tad bit more, not sure....trimmed the mount too as it "just" touched on full steering. a custom wheel alignment in a weeks time will add more castor and make it all work even better.

The front end lifted with a trolley jack...needed 2 blocks off wood on the jack to raise the tyres off the ground when before it wasnt needed...massive improvement in droop.

more pix to come tomorrow.
OK, heres some more pics from the weekend.

Firstly some more poser shots from Tuff Truck Vendor Display. :roll:

In the pic above there was still 2" worth of uptravel available if there was sufficient load on the front end.

When I got home I re-adjusted the front end a little....I dropped the coilovers by about 5 mm (equating to around 10mm overall)

Image below for reference showing that the bottom adjustor ring is 5mm off the lowest setting.

I then Proceeded to cut my bodymounts, heres the plan -

Cut the bottom half off first -

I then cut vertical slices going across and finishing off by cutting across the top and then using pliers bending them up and down to complete removal as I couldnt get the angle grinder to cut through in that position all the way.

Completed -

Full Clearance -

View from Underneath -

Done -

And one more pic of full droop with a trolley jack and some blocks of wood -
Just updating me thread for those that may be interested,

Have bought a set of front prado120 Brake calipers that I will be rebuilding and slighly modding to fit inside a 16x8 steel wheel for better braking performance on my hilux.

The supercharged Hilux TRD was the only hilux to be sold with the Prado front brakes package. The booster and master cylinder remained the same as standard hilux items. The braking performance of this hilux was awesome which I aim to emulate.

I have ordered a new seal kit which I am waiting on. Heres a pic of the calipers dissassembled -

The calipers to make fit inside a 16x8 wheel will need to be "polished" on the top and bottom corners in the shaded areas in the pic below -

Also did a late night session last night fitting the Chip-It module to the Diesel Hilux after 9'ish when I put the kids to sleep.

Comes with its own loom with instructions on it where to connect everything. You piggy-back the common rail plug to the loom and the same with the MAF sensor plug. Also has a fused positive and ground wire you need to connect.

With the EGT-Exhaust Gas Tempriture Gauge I mounted it inside the dash below the ashtray. Also comes with a seperate fused positive and earth wires to connect aswell as a cable running into the engine bay to the actual chip it module itself and a Exhaust tempriture Thermocouple that you have to mount on the exhaust pipe outlet from the turbo.

Initial test drive didnt show any results, meaningI had to check the power connection to the unit and sure enough I didnt connec tit 100%.

Second test drive left me in awe! :shock:

Off idle theres a slight extra "jerk" forward from the engine.

Between 2-3000rpm or so she revs out like a V6.....I'd almost say that I think my hilux would have no problems keeping up with a standard 1GR 4 litre V6 hilux at the moment. possibly even beat it .

There is a more pronounced "whine" from the turbo which makes the hilux sound more like a supercharged V6 does under acceleration.

The other benefit is the auto shifts into lock up convertor (4th gear) noticely sooner and holds it longer which should see me getting some of my fuel economy concerns sorted after fitting the 305 MTR's.

I have been offered to also test the VMN-3 Drive Flat Throttle Controller. This is basically a little unit with a seperate dash display that allows you to adjust the percentage of full throttle compared to your accelerator.

3-Drive's purpose is to remap the throttle position sensor voltage to trick the ECU into laying the boot in a lot faster than normal so you take off and accelerate a lot faster. It has 3 driving modes hence it's name. Normal (or off) Sports (which most of you guys will use) and Eco mode if you want to drive for economy.
This unit works well with any late model fourby.

Heres some more info -

Dash Display -

Heres a diagram that shows what it does in the 3 modes it offers....basically, if you hold your pedal at 30%, in normal mode its the same as stock, in economy mode your throttle percentage is less (thou you still have full power available it just takes longer to get there) and in Sport Mode you get upto 68% throttle so double what your pedal is doing-

There are 7 levels on Sports Mode and 5 levels on Economy Mode.

The increased throttle response in Sports mode reduced the time to cover 400 metres by 4 Seconds but increased fuel consumption by 50cc's (50 ml)

In eco mode, the acceleration was much slower, taking an extra 6 seconds to cover the distance but the car used 49 cc's (49 ml) less fuel to cover the distance. Remember that the VMN Pivot 3 Drive throttle controller is the only one available with an eco setting.

So these 2 diagrams should illustrate how the 3-drive Flat controller helps you to drive better in both economy and sports modes.
Ill be getting one to trial in 3 weeks and to do a review on it. Will keep you guys updated. This works on any modern vehicle. Alot of the "ricers" and drag racing nuts are using similar products. It would greatly help getting your vehicle with bigger tyres off the line around town.

Coupled with the chip it module, it should give me the option of either tyre frying performance or torquey economy around town.
Didnt end up using the calipers...proved to be too much for and the Dynamic Wheels had a large rib on their inner side causing problems...Did try an 80 series wheel which solved one aspect of the problem but created they went to a new home.

Finally got round to completing my Version Two of the High Clearance Bashplate. :cool:

For those of you that may have missed the original Version getting built a couple years back here is the link to it - • Login

Main reason for Version Two was a couple things -

1) To strengthen it, which I did by welding on another 3mm plate to the 3mm plate that was already there.

2) I had to make a diff protection plate to suit the diff drop. I ended up using 10mm plate steel for this which was a
challenge to use, both bending and welding the plate with an ancient arc welder.....ended up breaking the
sledghammer trying to bend it, (yes I did cut first before using the sledge to bend it then re-welded the bends.) On
top of the diff mounts I welded 8mm steel plate section for more protection.

3) The swaybar relocation brackets moved the swaybar bout an inch forwards so I had to cut out a section of the front
of the plate to allow the swaybar to poke through then rewelded a piece of tube cut in half lengthways over it to
protect it.

Conclusion: Unfortunately the actual diff pumpkin protector ended up slightly bent when welded on. And the bolt holes under radiator needed some reworking with a tap as the bashplate has been on and off so many times over the years that they had seen better days. I ended up screwing in a couple heavy duty self tappers through the bashplate into this crossmember for added strength/assistance in case of a big hit.

Also painted the xrox bashplate....been ages since this has been on the truck in complete form.

One more little thing to go before Im ready to take her offroad.

Nex fabrication project will be a new crossmember for the crawlbox which will have rubber mounts either side of the chassis rails. Wyatt will be sending me some mounts this week from the USA that I will be able to make use of. Already have a transfercase mount for below the Crawl Box....will do some head scratchign and see how I could in any way incoporate an extra skid plate below the craw box.

Anyway, heres some pics of todays efforts :mrgreen:

Heres a pic of a Crossmember Wyatt built for one of his customers stateside....Ill be making up something similar -

Small update -

Didn't end up using the Chip....had my own issues with it and sent it back.

Did a few small mods to my custom towbar sidemounts......



Cut the front portion off abd a bit off the bottom-

Mounted up again-

You obviously can see the difference. Heres another pic of the extra tab that was welded on the inner side to mount these brackets underneath the chassis rails when they were originally made-

Ive seen non genuine towbars mounted like these with 4 mounting points per side so i guess for most towing duties other than real heavy loads I'll be fine. This also gives me a good mounting point on the chassis rail for some tube quarter protectors if i ever get round to it.

Your all probably wondering right now "why did you do that Max?"

Here's why-

To make room for some of Buddy's fine 75mm extended shackles. Damn these are big and chunky :shock: Gave them a couple coats of black primer-

To get these sitting at the 45 degree or so angle i want im going to need the extra clearance from the towbar brackets when suspension is compressed. Also to achieve this shackle angle will be getting custom top leaves installed in the near future when they are ready......hoping to get an extra 3-4 inches of down travel, and bugger all height increase in the rear. Should be able to keep both rear wheels on the ground with 1 of the front right up in the air.....cant wait for it or pics, she'll flex like an 18year old gymnast :roll:

I hear what some if you are thinking.....are you going to invert the rear shocks and runner bigger ones?

Well,'ll have to wait and see what I have planned ;)

The other "small" piece of equipment to arrive this week is a rear one of these -

:twisted: Hope to have it installed in the next month when I find some time to book it in.

Oh! And the xrox off the front of my hilux is going on the front of another hilux. Sorry, you'll have to wait and see whats going on the front of the hilux :roll: