Toyota Hilux SR 2007

This morning we went for a drive to a few stores to pickup an outer gear shift boot that will poke through the center console, so we got a nice grey one to match the console trim.....we got some fluid for the crawl box and factory transfercase and we also got some wire, shrink wrap to extend the wiring 9 inches.

Heres is a picture of the one of a kind transfercase.......the shift lever is just sitting there, the final shape of it is completely different. You can see the much shorter front selector shafts on it now and the higher base mount for the shifter itself.

We mounted the incorrect adaptor plates back onto the crawl box and then bolted it to the factory transfercase, then we mounted it up in the vehicle so we could at least measure up the position of everything and get to work fabricating the crawl box shift lever so it works properly because the top of the crawl box where the shift lever exits sits below the transmission tunnel just behind the front cutout for the factory transfercase shifter when in standard configuration.

Heres a pic of Wyatt extending the wiring under the vehicle -

Below is the shape of the Crawl Box shifter that Marlin and myself were working on whilst Wyatt was doing the wiring....this isnt the final product but is very close to still needed some adjustment.

The open hole that you see in the pic on the transfercase is original forward shift opening that is on the adaptor plate for the transmission...this is the one we converted from and will not be using. On the top of the pic you can see the factory allumnium cover that we were using to cover this hole, but due to the shape of the shifter we needed to make, this was too high as when we shited the Crawl Box into Compound Low the bottom of the shifter was hitting the top of it....we removed it and made another cover out of thin plate steel a dn used that instead, gaining a good 10mm of extra clearance.

At the rear of thefactory transfer case hole that you see, we had to cut out a little piece so when the Crawl Box shifter is in High Range the shaft of the shifter will clear.

The final product that will eventually be sold to hilux owners will have a different design completely that Marlin explained to me that will utilise a completely different design using extra rods and linkages so fabricating a shifter like we did wont be necessary and will be a complete bolt on fit.....its not until you prototype designs like this that you work out better ways of doing things in the future....I love how marlins head ticks!

We then removed the hand brake assembly, the auto shifter assembly and from underneath the hilux we lowered the transfercases and marked the center point on the transmission tunnel where the factory transfercase shifter will be exiting upwards in its newer location.

We then removed the factory transfercase from the back of the Crawler, and drilled a pilot hole from the bottom upwards.

We then jumped inisde the hilux and with a bloody expensive holesaw, (120 bux for a 3" holesaw for metal plus the drill fitting....nice, for one bloody hole! :eek: ) and drilled downwards......

Because of the location of the hole we drilled, the front mounting hole for the handbrake assembly had been removed......

So I had a predrilled piece of steel that we cut and adjusted to fit and Marlin will weld it on to the frame of the handbrake assembly tomorrow. Aswell as this, the right hand side of the auto shifter bracket had to be removed to allow more clearance.....

Thats where we got up to today, tomorrow, Marlin and Wyatt are going to have the fun job of fabricating the rear shift lever for the factory (now "short throw") transfercase assembly which will require a couple of dog legs to make it work properly.......once that is done, the inner boots can be mounted to seal the transmission tunnel floor, then we can make it fit the center console trim with the outer boot trim. And all going well the correct adaptro plates should be clearing customs for us to collect as they are awaiting clearance and are in Australia.

Then its just a matter of removing the transfercase and Crawler again, fitting the correct adaptor plates, molunting the factory transfercase back onto it finally, fitting the interior cabin trim and seats, fill the units with oil and fit the modified tailshafts and we will be good to go for a test drive tomorrow night all going well. :mrgreen:
yep, the correct adaptor plates just arrived from the US half an hour ago as did Marlins taller quick shifter which we will need due to lack of room next to the e-brake!

all going well it should be crawlin tonight and i should hopefully have some video of it to post up!

these guys are awesome!


unfortunately i wont be able to clock the factory transfer case due to lack of room where the shifter is as its very close to the e-brake!

After a long week the Hilux is finally complete and crawling :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

The last day of the install saw us receive the parts we were waiting for from the US which was the correct adaptor plates for the Crawl Box, the quick shift base mount, and the longer lower selector pin that we welded onto the shifter handle.

Below is a comparison pic from left to right of Marlin Crawler quick shift base, factory toyota quick shift base, standard toyota shifter base and the plate cover on the transfer case.

Next is a pic of Wyatt grinding down the head of two of the lower bolts. This is required as it grinding down the a portion of the factory transmission adaptor plate so that it clears the marlin adaptor plate when everything is bolted up.

Here you can see Wyatt bashing the hell out of the coupler to install it onto the transmission out put shaft.

And below is the "one of a kind" factory transfercase attached to the Marlin Crawler Box waiting to be installed into the Hilux.

And a very proud Marlin Czajkowski holding his baby before we put it in :lol: (im surprised his shoulder didnt give way with the weight)

The unit being fitted up...yes, all on the floor of the garage, no hoists here.....we did this thing "old skool" :shock: :eek:

Wyatt gave us the idea of using the Marlin rubber shifter boot ontop of the console as an "outer boot" rather than an inner boot as it was meant to be and the finish was fantastic....very factory looking.

Last picture of the interior setup before the modified center console went back all in all, we cut off a tab off the handbrake bracket and welded a new one to the outer side and slightly raise the handbrake itself on a couple of washer before tightening it up so as to clear the new inner shifter boot. We trimmed the inner portion of the auto shifter rod bracket for boot clearance aswell. The transmission tunnel sheet metal is 3 ply thick in places....inbetween them all we used a heavy duty waterproofing silicon sealant I had and Marlin filled in the gaps between the different layers of metal around the 3" hole we had cut with this silicon to eliminate any potential ability of water to get in and sit there. Then Wyatt mounted the inner boot with silicon under it and self tapper screws....

The final product...... :mrgreen: :twisted:

The shifter itself went in extremely tightly....and needed some adjustments by Marlin via filing down the edges.....the end product is a stiff but smooth very short throw shifter at the rear that gets selected by only a couple flicks of the wrist.

After all was done we went to test drive it and couldnt start the hilux!

We removed the console again and found one plug off the auto shifter we forgot to attach and also the auto shifter cable wasn't connected to the shifter. Once that was done she started and I crawled in compound low at 11.30pm at night for the very first time. Like a baby taking its first steps. :lol:

No video footage yet, will try and get that done this afternoon.....promised to take Wyatt and Marlin to the markets to get some souvenirs for their wives as supposedly their wives told them they wont let them come home without a fluffy koala bear or kangaroo!
heres some video footage.....unfortunately there was nothing decent close to home so here are two vids of a decent in compound low over some rocky mounds and then an accent up a track where i placed one side into a rut.

both diffs are open in the vids and the hilux is in compound low.....wyatt has some more vids he took demonstrating crawl ability.....will definitely have to get my front air locker leak now fixed and a rear one fitted to make a complete package and benefit from the extra traction and crawl ratio......

like I said, the videos arent spectacular but they do show how slow she goes and it feels awesome having that much engine braking going downhills aswell as alot more time and control goin up them.....wyatt will post the other ones when he gets back to the usa.
heres a small report and pics of Steep Track at Tallarook.

looking up at the first section -

this is looking down from the first section

here you can just make out some of the blokes at the bottom of the track at the top of the pic

after the first little bit of track at the start right before it opens up, to get access any further you have to climb over a big tree root thats been eroded infront of it, the steep up was pretty big so me and steve showed off our masonry skills and build a little ramp to help me up and over it. i wasnt takin more risks than i had to on this root, ive seen a landrover blow a center diff trying to climb over it in the past and another hilux a rear diff

then it was on the way up......that first root took 3 attempts to get over as as soon as your over it you come across another one at the same point when your rear tyres are getting over the first one so it slows you down.....if the front locker was working would have been better.

steve was kind enough to upload a vid of my run -
part1 - YouTube - Steve9R's Channel
part2 - YouTube - Steve9R's Channel
part3 - YouTube - Steve9R's Channel

doesnt do it justice, you gotta try and get there and do it yourself.

Front locker is booked in to get the seals replaced next week so better/harder/more challenging tracks are planned for the future.
Finally got me front "leaky locker" fixed today.....both quad seals were replaced, new shims and theres a housing that sits beside the "housing" that holds the two seals, arb reckon this was damaged and looked like it was bashed on.

one of the seals had a big chunk missing out of it aswell.

the damage?

$530 thankyou very much......atleast i got a 1 year 20,000km warranty on the workmanship now!

Forgot to mention, went and saw Simon from 4x4TV the other day to get my truck featured on the "My Rigs" segment....awesome bloke he is, and absolutely flat out....mate! has anyone here seen his 40 series in real life? Damn that things big....37 inch Treps on it.

The segment will be airing Thursday 27th of May.

Couple small things some time to play with the truck so whilst I was fitting the bashplates back on that I had removed the other day to get the front locker fixed I changed how the Xrox Bashplate and my custom bashplate mate up so now is a better and slightly more clearanced.

On the front of the bashplates I added a small Marlin Crawler Sticker as a little warning to prospective passengers....LOL

I also replaced the dodgy cheapo little light I had on the rear of the rollbar to light up the tray with a Twin Narva LED light that I got as part of the promotional gear during my 4x4 TV shoot. This light takes less current and the light is a white light not yellowish and lights up a better area to see gear in the tub at night.

and in a few weeks time I have a set of these coming in aswell.......

Heavy Duty/High Performance CV/Driveshafts for the Hilux....these aren't released yet so I will be helping to do initial testing of them.

The specs on the CV's we will offer:
1.5 mm heavier shaft
15 mm extra extension at the CV... which equates to about 4" extra operating angle
Outside cup is 10mm bigger... making CV cup wall heavier.

Here are some images where you can see the extra girth these things are packing:

They are not just bigger but the CV itself inside the larger housing both inner and outer is much stronger......should handle the crawler/locker and future 35's.....
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I saw Simon's 40 last year before the new paint job and tyres. He started it up and without mufflers the dust shook off the rafters. He is a great guy hope his is doing well. Got some interesting tips on under body protection which is handy.

Great to here the Lux is rocking on all 4's again
Thanks Mate.....Simon mentioned to me that his 40 cracked the plaster on his houses inner walls from the vibration/loudness off it.....120 decibels out of each exhaust from the 5.7.....

I aksed him, what does the law think bout it?

He says their jaws drop!

seeing the 40 on tv doesnt do it justice on how nice it really is.
Couple of small things since my last update......

with the quarter being chopped I cut abit more off the end of the exhaust as it was hanging below the springs and would have been damagaed offroading for it sits just above the bottom of the springs.

Also fitted a front recovery hook to the front of the Xrox bar -

And last weekend went with a bunch of blokes to tallarook for a play around.....

Found a nice little boulder to test out the crawl box and front locker for the first time together.....

Then went around the place looking for a couple tracks to try our trucks on.....on one track my mate managed to get a decent sized branch wedged inbetween the fuel tank cover the the fuel tank itself, pulling a diesel fuel line off the fitting....but we quickly managed to fix that.

Was hanging to get to steep track again, we came towards it from the northern end where I found the following boulder to tackle just around the corner from Steep Track -

I wasnt gonna thrash it over them and being a pretty steep track already the front locker didnt help enough as there wasnt enough weight over the front you'll see in the vid below, a rear locker would have helped alot, but ultimately its just a matter of trying a different line -

Then we got to Steep Track....last time I was there, last month, I stacked a pile of rocks infront of the tree rooted ledge at the start to help the vehicle/s climb over it to get going....the rocks had since been scattered so I tried several times on just the root by itself....damn difficult to get enough traction to climb up and over the hilux in some precarious positions before I managed to climb over that damn root.

I stopped halfway up and came back down where me and a couple others stacked roocks infront of it to help the rest climb up and over the first obstacle -

Once everyone got halfway, I decided to climb the big boulder to the right hand side of the track......

took three attempts again as I wasnt going to thrash it, and like before just a matter of choosing the right line on the slippery surface.

we continued on slowly up Steep Track -

after that we decided on some lunch so headed to the damn and ate lunch whilst being entertained by a bunch of patrol and cruisers going nuts trying to get through a puddle and a short steep hill climb just after it to the side of where we were.

After lunch we all had a crack at it.....only one vehicle couldnt make it, that was my mates SR5 on 32's....

Below-George climbing up entertainingly with front wheels off the ground -

Below - Marc getting up easily on 32's and twin lockers -

Same run as above but different camera angle -
Nothing major to report...finally got my new towbar brackets that were custom made to raise the center section of the towbar to match the rear quarter chop.

I also got them to make an extra tab going horizontal just below the chassis rail where I put two extra bolts either side to clamp it on even stronger......number plate was just tech-screwed into the towbar itself...

see pics below -

am hoping to at some stage make side protection bars to protect the lower quarter running off the sides of the towbar.

Note: there is not a crack in the brackets, thats just abit of loctite than ran when tightening the bolts up.

Also just got word that I'll be getting a set of these coming in to install next week -

Standard Hilux CV shaft on top and upgraded units below....these are development units, not released yet so I hope to test out their strength with the crawl box and front locker.

The specs on the CV's we will offer:
1.5 mm heavier shaft
15 mm extra extension at the CV... which equates to about 4" extra operating angle at the wheel.
Outside cup is 10mm bigger... making CV cup wall heavier.

These would work really well with a set of UCA's that I hope to get one day, coupled together they should give a little bit more down travel without any binding whatsoever. And should be able to handle the abuse a crawl box and front locker and future 35's will throw at it.

Small Update....yes, still waiting for those driveshafts to come in....

Went away to Goughs Bay at Eildon on the long weekend...awesome part of the country, keeps drawing me back again and again :D

This Pajero tried crossing the stream near the campsite...not a deep stream at all, has a hard rocky base but if you donmt know your way around there you'll be sucked into exiting it where the track has been used alot on the other side which hides a deep boghole.....the trailer on the back didnt help either.

I guess thats what you get when a Mitsubishi tries to behave like a hilux :p

And a short vid, just before we snatched him out...and the actual snatch aswell which took 3 or 4 goes,
.......spewing I didnt get anyone to tape me going up the mother of all tracks!

Goughs Bay-6-10 :: P1010041.mp4 video by Hilux_Max - Photobucket

Goughs Bay-6-10 :: P1010042.mp4 video by Hilux_Max - Photobucket

Heres the Stream behind and below the campsite -

This stream actually comes from Big River Im led to belive higher up....

And a few scenic shots -

You could "just" see the snow covered peaks in the far horizon towards Mt. Buller :mrgreen:

This place is absolutely awesome for camping and wheeling and trail bike riding.....

Heres the vid of the panoramic view from the top of Highett Ridge, Goughs bay -

Goughs Bay-6-10 :: P1010056.mp4 video by Hilux_Max - Photobucket
Time has now come to plan the next round of mods for the hilux....the need is coming to try and find a way to carry more luggage....canopy is not an option and neither is a tray at the moment so I have run a few options in my head and this is what I have come up with.

By the way, Im selling my Black powder coated SR5 sportsbar and tonneau cover if anyone is interested....advertisement here -

What I plan to do is to purchase the following tube frame which will be powder coated black for me.....

Ontop of that Im tossing up between one of the two following racks....

A basic type of luggage cage -

Or the following one from Powerful 4x4 which is abit larger and would "just" fit above the tub -

If I go the Powerful 4x4 rack, the benefit is that I can mount my hi-lift on the rear, a shovel and axe either side of it and it is larger....downside it is more heavier.

Then Im gonna chase up a custom made rack-sack of some sort to suit and Ill be storing clothes, linen, pillows etc etc all the bulky but lightweight items that take alot of space and that'll leave the tub itself free for tools, icebox, storage boxes etc etc and the whole setup should still remain below roof top height.

Thats the plan......:cool:
OK, the episode of 4WD TV on Channel 31 that had my truck in the "Your-Rig" just got uploaded on 4x4 earth for thos eof you interested....myself included...I havent seen the episode yet.....LOL

Episode 225 starts at 20:10 minutes

Link is below -
4wd TV Episode 225 - brought to you by 4x4 Earth

The hilux is also booked in for a photoshoot for 4x4 Action Magazine in 3 weeks time in Tallarook somewhere......woohoo!

I am a new member to this forum but have seen your very detailed reports on the modifications you have done, very impressive.

As I am about to purchase my first Hilux (2005 double cab) I was hoping I could get some input from you.

I live on the island of Barabdos and any parts for modification have to be built or imported ($$$$).
I plan to use it for navigational Rallying, so it will be going through lots of mud, hills, sand, water etc. The local guys tell me to start with rims & tyres (38's), Body lift and lower gearing to accomodate tyres and then snorkel. I also have to get flares as our laws dictate the wheels must be covered.
Was hoping to get some feed back?