Toyota Hilux SR 2007


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hey rodw i cant pm yet i dont have enough posts
Geez, they are pretty hard on you mate. I sent you another PM. Follow the link in my signature block and Join the forum (see the top menu) than PM me there...

Or send an enquiry via the store.
hey tuff lux how much did u pay for ue after market flares?? and where from?

I got mine from Opposite Lock and they are the same ones that ARB supply...unfortunately the utemart ones or Avenger 4x4 ones weren't on the market yet when I got mine and they set me back bout 1100 bux painted and fitted....damn rip off if you ask me.:eek:


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I got mine from Opposite Lock and they are the same ones that ARB supply...unfortunately the utemart ones or Avenger 4x4 ones weren't on the market yet when I got mine and they set me back bout 1100 bux painted and fitted....damn rip off if you ask me.:eek:
And I got mine because my local ARB store refused to fit their own flares becasue they had so many problems with them.
Small Update Guys.....

Finished work at lunctime today......
and got home and started pulling the ARB bar off the hilux....mate, was so much easier pulling it off than putting the damn thing it off in 30minutes.....

I also measured before and after and the Hilux without the bar was only 5mm higher than before......not bad.....

Heres a couple of pics of the Hilux without a my hilux feels like Michael Jackson

Damn the front looks alot higher without the bar

Side View with spotlight tied up to grille as a can seefrom the front of the spot light to the chassis mount how much of an increase in approach angle there will be with the custom barwork

Whilst the bar was off I also got stuck into the washer bottle....I removed it completely and will be relocating it into the engine and replacing it with an aftermarket ford or holden bottle that I saw at an atuo store on the weekend...will be abit smaller but will do the job.....and will allow more room for side supports for the front bar aswell as more room for bigger tyres later on.

Before -

After -

I got a hi-lift jack for xmas and was thinking bout where to mount it.......i dont have a roofrack so couldnt mount it there or a spare wheel carrier.....wasnt too sure how to mount it on the inner side of the tub so decided to mount it on the head board of the tub.

Being a tight-arse decided to make my own mounts plus because it was a custom fit.

I had some angle iron, a shitload of bolts to go through and set about it.....i cut the head off two bolts that just fit through the holes of the jack and welded them to the angle brackets....i also made a backing plate to help hold it and spread the load a little on the heads board upright supports.

Heres the bunch of parts for one side -

I found out that a 22mm landcruiser wheel nut fits perfectly onto the bolts thread so i will use that to mount it up :D

And here is how it would mount up with the headboard fitting between the 2 lower plates. I also used some rubber to help dampen vibrations -

And here it is all fitted up, good thing is i can still use my tonneau cover -

I'll only be mounting it for offroad trips, no need to have it there for daily duties.....i have a landcruiser 78 series bottle jack that works for my height in case i need to change tyres around town in case of a flat.


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Looks good Max. I wonder if you could add a bolt or a piece of rod or plate on the middle upright that you could put a padlock through for security? That way when you forget to take it off, it is still safe.

I dont think I need anything to lock it as I will only be fitting it on when I go offroading, not everyday.

This morning I went and got me self an Aftermarket Washer Bottle Kit from the local Auto Accessory Shop.

Its a 1 litre bottle with an external pump on it (Toyota ones are internal in that they directly suck from a hole in the bottom of the washer bottle) thats mounted to the bottle underside.

The kit comes with everything you need to mount it to any vehicle....switch, wiring, clamps etc for 29bux and its a 1 litre bottle.

I pulled the factory plug back up to the engine bay and scotch locked the 2 new wires in....I didnt want to cut any wires or solder as I may change the setup down the track.....for now I needed something that works.

I mounted it to the side of the engine bay as you can see in the pics below. I pulled the hose back under the guard and through a hole into the engine bay...I looped it around a couple times as I said before I may need the length later on for a different custom setup.

The pump is abit noisier....and a little bit weaker but it does work adequately for my needs.....One question thou....with the hilux washer do I adjust them?

I tried moving the tip but nothing was happening, Just want to adjust them abit higher to make up for the less power the new motor has.

Down the track Ill get a stainless washer bottle made up thats abit larger and fits in that location better and will use the factory Hilux washer motor aswell....but for now I'm happy with it and I have more room under the guards.

Also cleaned everything up under the grille and headlights that had "body colour" on the metal and I spray painted it all a gloss black finish so when the tube bar goes on it wont look so dicky.....


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Good work Max. Not much point me doing this mod as I would have nowhere under the hood for the washer bottle as I already have a hot water system, compressor, pressure pump and a dual battery. I was always concrned about the mounting tab sticking down under my guard once I fitted the bull bar but after fitting a Body lift for Pete a couple of days ago, I now know that the tab I saw just holds a plastic clip to mount the innner plastic guard to. So it is really to mount the inner guard on, not hold the bottle in. You could safely cut the tab off and I probably will do that myself soon.

I cut that tab off ages ago when I fitted the ARB bullbar....but I need more and with fitting a front tube bar alot of the factory washer bottle would be exposed......
Small Update -

Ive decided to buy a set of sliders from Millweld Customs here in Bayswater, Melbourne.

Rock Sliders

Below are some pics from their website -

Im not getting the brush bars as in the pics above as Im not sure what Im going to be doing in regards to bigger flares or cutting the guards up more. I inquired with them late last week and this morning they sent me a whole bunch of specs and pictures of how they mount up, which Ive put together into a pretty little collage :roll: for you blokes below.


Top Left - Front Mount I would have preffered a mount on the actual chassis rail but thats something I modify/fabricate myself later on if it gets damaged or if it gets in the way

Top Right - Centre mount with supporting Gussett

Centre Left - Rear Mount with supporting Gussett

Centre Right and Bottom Left - in raw steel showing fitment

Bottom Right - End product powder coated grip tape.

If the mounts weren't gussetted somewhat I wouldnt have gone ahead with these and I didnt want to have to leave the hilux somewhere to get them fabbed up so this was the best end result out of my options.


Now just waiting on the Xrox bar to come in....bout a week away Im guessing...once thats done then Ill take a complete updated pic of the truck -

Heres some xrox bar pics on a development hilux in case you havent seen them yet -