Toyota Hilux SR 2007


Ive changed my mind in regards to the mods Im gonna do.......

I've decided to keep my ARB barwork and instead....wait for it comes.....have a guess?

Yep, Im gonna bodylift the hilux instead......tossing up between 35mm(no steering shaft extension needed) or the full 50mm leaning 60/40 towards the 2".

Am waiting on some prices and details to come in and then I'll try and organise a day or two to get it done at home....

I'll then get the barwork modified to will look better and more like it was meant to be there....end of the day it should look something like the hilux below (without the SAS) but bout a good inch lower when on 35's that I want to get down the line.

Yes, they used an 80 series front diff, removed the coil spring perches and welded in ones to suit leaves...thats from Thailand...they are absolutely nuts up there!
Thanks guys.....have found someone to make me a set of High Density Poly-something or other block......have the steering shaft extension sorted.....using factory components so it will be alot easier to engineer when the time waiting on an answer regarding high tensile bolts and locknuts to suit.....and will make my own rear tub support brackets/spacers that support the tub above the wheel arches on the chassis where there aren't any bodylift blocks.....

am timing this to be done as soon as work knocks off for the year so I can take my time and wont be under pressure to use my vehicle.

Then I've got someone lined up to help me modify the barwork to suit the 2" bodylift......and then I'll be chasing an engineer.........

I dont see a problem with it....Ive limited the front suspension slightly so it falls within Vicroads 1/3 the standrad bump travel ruling (which you can always modify later ;) ) I have all the documentation necessary to prove that it wont affect operation/activation of the airbags, the speedo is 100% accurate via a Marks Adaptors speedo correction I dont see there being a problem, maybe the brakes might need an upgrade, but I plan on fitting some Prado 120 calipers and rotors on the front to overcome this.....

touch wood! Hope to use her in Anger some time by the end of summer.......
Thanks guys....the bodylift kit Ive been helping Rod develop, Rod has said is almost complete....just a few more little things to make/put together....and all going well will have it some time end of this month I assume.....

Am hoping to offload my ARB barwork still if possible...might still have an interested party or two.....and get myself the tube front bar I was hoping for......then will make my own slider I was thinking.....

Should be a different truck in the new year all going to plan.
Small Update guys,

It's almost bodylift time....that's right, the hilux will be joining Twisty's in the very near future to be riding 5" high on 33's!

The Comprehensive 2" bodylift kit that I have assisted Rodw in developing, thou all credit goes to him since he is the one that has actually got off his backside and got the bits made and put together as a complete kit.

Blocks will be the High density Polyeurethan variety. High tensile bolts and locknuts. Radiator drop brackets, rear tub over-ride supports and steering shaft extension utilising factory components and the right length it is meant to be not the 35mm length that some stores sell as a general item.

Should get that in the next week or two. Rodw, if you wouldn't mind posting some pics of the kit so far?

If anybody is interested in this comprehensive bodylift kit, just PM Rodw and you guys can take it from there.

In the meantime Ive been scratching my head about what to do in regards to lifting the ARB bar on the front I decided to keep it since there wasn't enough serious interest in buying it so I have had to figure out how to lift it to suit....I had a couple of ideas, the main one being making a sandwich type plate with pre drilled holes in it that would mount onto the chassis mount and allow the ARB bar to be fitted 2 inches higher up......

pic fo the chassis mounts in question circled red below-

I got a template drawed up and with some measurements from a fellow member on that was fitting his own bullbar (see below)-

And was going to over lap a copy of this template on one another to simulate the shape and bolt hole positions of the plate I was thinking of making (pic on far right below is the basic sketch of my idea)-

And the actual drawing itself -

But there were pros and cons with that plan.....was going to use 10mm steel plate but some said that it might be too strong and cause cracking of the actual chassi mount itself....and other reasons.

So after discussing this idea with a few people over at Ive decided to scrap that idea and go with one that Twisty and Brooksy had planned to do if Twisty was going to keep the ARB bar he previously had and cut the actual ARB bar mount as per picture below (orange line).........raise it 2" and reweld it back onto the mount. It would look factory, and would be just as strong as before.

The only other thing I would need to do is above the actual ARBbar is in 2 pieces on the chassis below and one on top.....these 2 sandwiched plates have a bolt going from the top downwards through them raising the bar 2 inches I would be raising these two plates away from each other, and so to counter act this, I will fit 2 extra bodylift blocks in between both plates, and get a 2inch longer bolt to still clamp these two mounting plates either side so the bar still retains the same configuration and strength.

Pretty sure I will be getting rid of my brushbars are they seem abit more complex to mod due to their mounting system, so will get some custom made sliders incorporating a brush bar at some stage to mount up to the holes in the ARB bar that the ARB brushbars were fitted to.

So if anybody wants a set of brushbars for their hilux...PM me and we'll work something out.


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Geez max, You could have at least waited until I got a lick of paint on the bits. Anyway, I picked up the blocks from my machinist today so I have a completed kit here for you (minus the paint) :)

12 High Density Polyethylene Block of various sizes, 4 steel override spacers (blue), self tappers to mount them, 4 radiator rop down mounts with countersunk bolts , 6 large bolts with nyloc nuts for the cabin body mounts and 6 shorter length bolts fo the tub mounts. Finally, the odd black bit in the centre is Rod's special VMN Steering shaft extension. No welding and heaps cheaper than the $225 Superior Engineering extension (which is 15mm too short anyway) :D

So as long as the paint dries over the weekend, you can expect this in the mail next week. :) I am open to advance/group by orders to launch this kit until 30 November, Max has been at me to put together. Special price $450 for dual cabs, Other prices appply for different models. It's about time the 2005+ Hilux had a comprehensive kit available for it. PM me if you want one.
Sold my ARB barwork to a fellow 4x4 Earth member on here who is going to put it on his new hilux...which will make it look much tougher....

Now im on the hunt to work out my options regarding custom barwork for the hilux........have a couple options but really need to finalise something by weeks end if im gonna get a local fabricator to make it or not as he'll need notice if i need him to work on it during holiday period.

My options at this stage are the Opposite Lock bar that they are about to release for the hilux...they are making them with the option to suit a 2" bodylift, so am waiting on an answer monday as to an estimated date of availability.

This is the OL bar -

If I cant get it by end of year/start of next year will be getting a fabricator locally to make me up a tube front bar and custom sliders.....2 designs Im considering for the hilux are below -

Tube Winch Bumper
If I go this route, I'll get a TRD Style Mesh Grille and some tinted headlights to suit, with small yellow lightforce within the lower tube bumper.

Tube Comp-Style Winch-Bar
If I go this route, I can keep my 240 Blitz Lightforce and get an extra set of spotties for the lower bar later.

I'd be keen on some opinions to help me decide which route to go.....I like the comp style winch bar (last pic) but also like the tube front bumper which is smaller/lighter/and less in your face......cant decide.....
regaurding steering extension.

i was just wondering how i could get one of those steering extensions? i have got all the blocks and bolts i just need a 45 mm steering extension. how did you lower your radiator?? cheers.