Toyota Hilux SR 2007

Toyota Hilux SR 2007 -Rear 1/4 Panel Chop completed!

Toyota Hilux SR, 2007

Good Points
The performance and economy of the 3 litre D4D diesel engine.
The front suspension is much much better than the previous generation Hilux's IFS.
Slightly larger size than previous model.
Back seat has more room.

Bad Points
Low ground clearance in standard form.
1st gear in the auto is waaaay too tall, exacerbated by the 33" tyres.
It only has a 4 speed auto when it should have a 5 speed with a short 1st gear.

What mods have you done?
3" Suspension Lift all around
16x8 Dynamic Wheels (zero offset)
285/75x16 Silverstone MT117 Sports
After Market Flares
Black Powder Coated SR5 Sportsbar
Lightforce 240 Blitz
3" Dump Pipe and straight through 3" exhaust with no mufflers
ARB Bullbar and Brush Bars/Steps
Extended Diff Breathers Front and Rear
Extended Rear LPSV brake line
Front ARB Air Locker
Tinted Windows
Custom Transfer Case Protector
Custom made high angle Bashplate - (this mod has worked wonders offroad! )
Plus all the other stuff you can see on her.

What mods are on the list to do?
Steinbauer Power Module
Prado Front Brake Caliper and Rotor Conversion
35mm Bodylift
Rear ARB Locker and 4.5:1 Gears
34/11x16 Jungle Trekkers
Cut the rear Quarter and make a custom high clearance tube rear bar with tyre carrier.

After all that, then Ill start thinking about a SAS.

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Got a good price, can only afford one vehicle, needed something reliable, economical, and good offroad performer and able to carry a load when needed, and this was a great basis to build the vehicle that I have dreamed of.

How often do you go offroad?
Not often enough, but I try to once a month.

What will your next vehicle be?
This one...reborn into an SAS'd rock crawler - LOL I wish!


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Here's a couple of short Vid's, nothing too crzy but doing some steep/rocky and slippery mountain tracks around Lake was the first trip where I got to test out my front locker.....mate, what a difference it made.

Hey TUFF IFS LUX, what ever that means ???:rolleyes:
Great looking truck and excellent post,the manafacters all have set budgets on every model vehicle, Toyota had a five speed auto for the 120 Prado, on it's market release back in late 2003, due to budget restraints, they put a 4 speed in. Your right, the five speed box is lower in ratio, not higher.
gday mate. thats a very nice hilux you have there.
do you have any problems with the 33's rubbing on the gurads?? i have a 06 SR hilux with a 2" lift and the 33's rub a fair bit

cheers Milky
You really need that extra 1 inch of lift and do alot of trimming to make it work properly offroad.

I guess it would be easier with stiffer springs so you dont get full suspension compression, but that defeats the purpose offroad.

anything is doable, I reckon I could almost fit a full 34" tyre with some more trimming, well trimming absolutely everything that is left that I can.
Well for the queens borthday long weekend I went caamping with a couple brother in laws...their kids and me bro-in-laws 2 brothers aswell. We went to Lake Eildon and stayed at a camp site called Picnic Point in Gough Bay....awesome spot for camping, and awesome place for offroading......

There are fantastic tracks going through the hills and the pine plantation for all levels of experience, but mainly intermeddiate to advanced...some of the tracks are hair raising to say the least...any way here some pics from the camp and some scenery.

Got meself a little bit stuc going across the stream near the camp site.....going acorss the first time I took the line already used by other fourbies and the deep ruts on exit on the river bank posed a challenge a barely got over, so on the way back through I thought Id take another line that looked shallower....I was mistaken.....rolled slowly and as the left hand front dropped into the rut, the right hand rear lifted off the ground.....

Luckily there was a helpful camper across the stream, in another new hilux that helped give me a small pull in reverse, just enough to get traction again.

Anyway, that was it...the rain made for a messy packing up on Monday.

Since Ive been back, Ive doodled abit with a pic of the hilux on the PC and tried two different options to see what looks better and whats more practical.....

Ive trimmed the guards abit in both pics....enlarged the wheels to look like 315/75x16's....
in the first one Ive trimmed the rear quarter of the tub and in the second one Ive drawed a shortened custom steel tray on it......

Option One-

Option Two-

What do you guys think is best?

Went on a forum trip to tallarook lcouple of weekend's ago...unfortunately alot of the good tracks were closed but me managed to have a little bit of fun non the less.

Unfortunately alot of the tracks were closed (they close the good ones over winter to recover and not get too destroyed) but we did find a couple that were open to have some fun on.

We met at Freeman's Camp Ground where some of us camped the night.

Yes, we had an imposter Patrol come along too....... :p

My attemp at manourvering between a big tree and boulder on the side of a hill-

And out the other side-

One of the blokes decided to check the depth of this one big mud hole so he backed into it only to get stuck -

The following pic was a very sad one of a patrol recovering a toyota :(

We did this one hill climb that was abit more challenging than the expected....not only slippery but there were alot of exposed tree roots running across the tracks that kept dragging the vehicle to one side.....

One of the blokes thought he'd explore a track he saw on the out skirts of one clearing we didn't take him long to get back to us on the CB that he had bitten slightly more than he expected to chew.....the track was very narrow, had high sides to it, loose and wet and at the point it got really steep there was also a tree that had fallen across the track.....

Right beneath that tree going across the track there was a steep drop off to the right hand side and a deep rut on the left with an exposed sharp tree root hanging out.

After cutting the tree going across in half aswell as the exposed tree root we packed the deep rut on the left hand side to keep the hilux up abit higher as he didnt have sliders and ran the risk of damaging his sills-

Once that was taken care of, Jeff began his decent very slowly down the track, with me guiding him.....the ruts were trying to drag the hilux into the side of the embankment and he got to the bottom with only some scrathces on his mirror.

I didn't want to let him go down by himself so I followed behind him with the other blokes guiding me -

Once me and Jeff got to the bottom, could you only then realise how bad the track really was......(pictures never do it justice)

After that, we sat for 15 minutes with a refresher and watched a couple of bikes try and go back up that hill.....with success...they kept getting 50metres up hill and the ruts would throw them into the side of the embankment, throwing them off their bikes.

And of course we need the usual mud-splash photo's to boot -

And we end it all with a big group poser shot -

Forgot to mention the damage report.....

I clipped a tree on one track.....smashed the RHR Tail-light, the lense is barely holding together, the panel in front of the lense has ripples and decent scratches in it, one of the light mounts inside the panel has pushed outwards and cracked the paint from inside out, and one of the buttons that was pop riveted for the tonneau cover got ripped out -

and my drivers side mirror is loose after collecting another tree climbing a steep track that wasnt in the pics above.

So I ordered a set of smoked LED tail-lights the next day and fitted them up.....

Now, I have to work out what design for a rear bar I want to make.....will cut the lower rear quarter panels and need to make a high clearance rear bar with a tow hitch.....any idea's/design to help me out fella's...?????

Custom tray will come later on but for now I want to make the rear bar.

Here's a couple of vid's showing the boys doing their hill climbs...some did it first go, some took 2.....

Jeff giving it a crack-

Steve nailing the mountain -

Johnny's MQ on 35" silverstones going up-

Brad's first attempt -

Brad's second attempt -

Just a couple more pics from my last trip to tallarook I just got of a mate.....

The next one is the track draggin me sideways coming down the hill......I had to drive into it otherwise she would have gone over I reckon.....pulling up was another effort...... :shock:

And me going over the ledge on that steep track -

Cut short steel tray for sure, unless you need space, better departure angle, looks tough in your computer design. Great pics, looks like they go alright the lux!
Thanks for your comments guys, its all projects there are a heap of things I plan to do to here, but not enough time and money.

next major move will be a regear from 3.73:1 to 4.5:1 and "maybe" a rear locker to match the front...that way Ill get alot more performance and engine braking for those mountain trails without having her run away from me going down steep hills and relying on the brakes.
Change in plans......

Am selling my ARB barwork -

And am going to get some custom made barwork done.....Going for a tube front winchbar and a set of high clearance sliders.

Heres the idea.....

Some thing similar to the bar below but wioth the tube work following the red lines in the pic....joining to the outer edges -

And a set of slider with kickouts like the AllPro ones below, but Ill get the mounts cut into the lower sill so I have more clearance and the mounts will be horizontal with the chassis rail rather than angled down then up to clear it. and angled upwards to the outer tube just enough to clear the dorr when opening it -

Am still tossing up whether I will get a bar to go from the outer edges of the tube bar over the guard joining the slider or not...but I will be removing the front fibreglass flare and trimming the guard itself bigger by an inch all around....this should help me clear 34 - ish inch tyres that I want to run with a side mount flexi flare.

Thats the plan, thats what Im working towards.....:D


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:DGreat plan TUFFY. Now all you got to do is drop up to QLD for a weekend before you start on the bar work and we'll sort out that Body Lift before you start!