Toyota Hilux extracab 1999


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Toyota Hilux extracab, 1999

Good Points
I love the hilux especially this model and having a EXTRACAB for a bit more room

Bad Points
NO bad points to mention I have pretty much sorted them out!!!

What mods have you done?
The list of mods I have carried out are huge will do up a proper list soon and will post pics of mods also

What mods are on the list to do?
My to do list is only brush bars will do them soon

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Being a extracab a lot better than my previous single cab!!!!

How often do you go offroad?
Try to get away as much as I can !!!!

What will your next vehicle be?
This ones a keeper !!!!


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G day Guys!!!!!! I've finally joined up with a lot of pushing from my Kids and Mates to show everyone my Custom Touring LUX!!

A bit about myself I live in Far North Queensland!! I'm a Qualified Refrigeration mechanic but after 10yrs in the trade I decided to take on a second apprenticeship as a Sheetmetal worker(Stainless Steel). Which I have to say has helped me build some wild things...
Custom Trailers, Custom Bikes, Custom Cars... But we will get to those later!!!!
I love camping and FISHING and my truck is setup for that purpose!!!

I just have to say I am not to crash hot with using computers so my kids are helping me through!

1999 Extra cab Hilux IFS
2" lift with Old man emu shocks
32x11.5 Maxxis Bighorns Guards chopped out to suit(rubber flares)
LOKKA BRAND Auto locker fitted up front

Engine Bay
2.7 litre petrol
I have dual battery system (VRS) second battery in Custom box in tray
I have made a custom Heat Exchanger(Hot Shower) which is feed from a 50litre stainless
water tank in tray 3way valve to pump water from river if needed
Led light strip under bonnet for night time vision Checking Oils and so on..
ARB high output compressor which feeds to a custom air tank on tray for tyre duties
HID headlights

Front Bar is from a earlier Hilux custom fitted to my truck ....Its fitted with 9500lb winch
24" LED light bar. LED 5"spotlights

I have totally transformed the tray area of my truck (Well Body) Raised floor of tray 300mm and built custom lockable hatches throughout covered in marine carpet,1 hatch holds all my food and cooking equipment,2nd holds drinking water
and boxes of softdrinks, ropes and tie downs are in other hatches....Up front of tray is a custom battery box holding a 100amp hr deep cycle, Marine gang panel switchboardwith CIG socket, beside that is a tool box and then a Custom 50litre Stainless water tank..
Above my tray is barwork that holds my Adventure Kings Roof top tent And ROO systems awning..
Led strip lights fitted on underside of Roof Top Tent. Reversing camera, 2x 5" LED flood lights setup for reverse and separate switched also in tray...Shower head is mounted on this Tray Barwork also!!!

Garmin GPS
Reverse Camera
Pioneer head unit
40 litre ENGLE Behind passenger seat on custom made tray to level out and tie down
Beside the Engle is A custom tool box which holds all my Recovery kit gear
Custom made Roof console and Rear shelf
Roof console has Gas strut assisted flip down section that holds my IPAD for mapping use!!!
Passenger side pillar holds my Engle fridge thermometer and Second battery voltage display...

I have probably forgotten a heap of things!!!

Feel free to ask any Q'S about the truck and leave a comment THANKS GUYS!!!!!
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Nice well set up for a purpose lux you have there, great long tub with plenty of storage.
I like it.
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks mate cheers for that!!!!!
I don't see to many well body luxes getting around a lot of people build custom trays .... I kept it to be different and set it up for my needs will post pics on tray setup soon!!!!


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Being a refrigeration mechanic for 10 years helped me build this heat exchanger for my shower setup in my truck which is fed from my 50litre water tank in my tray!!!

This is it all fitted and plumbed in to my heater system ... Works awesome too!!

Here is my water tank and shower setup with swivel LED light!!!

This is my ARB air compressor which also feeds to a custom tank mounted on the left side of my tray!!

My air tank!!
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Awesome looking truck. Love the DIY and might have to steal some of your Ideas to use on my own.
Thanks mate !!!! Go right ahead that's why I joined this site to hopefully give people some ideas !!! I have heaps of pics of everything I build just putting up some quick build shots of my truck!!!


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I also decided to clean up around the top of my tray buy covering it in stainless too !!!

I had to make a jerry can holder aswell because I decided to carry 2 spare tyres in my tray!!!
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A few camping shots up at lake tinaroo with my young fella!!!

This ones on my way back from the STARCKY river !!

Will post up some more tommorrow !!!
Enjoy the pics and cheers for checking out my truck!!!!!!
Good work mate love it looks awesome, do you think you could post a few roof console build pics if you got them I reckon that's an awesome idea well done!


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Good work mate love it looks awesome, do you think you could post a few roof console build pics if you got them I reckon that's an awesome idea well done!
Cheers mate thanks for the kind words!!!! Will check to see what build pics I have of the console ...


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I made my console out of stainless mate and made the mount points connect to the revision mirror at the front and to the centre light and also the rear shelf is hoding it up aswell...

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