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Toyota Hilux dual cab 1986

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by dudelux, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Thats what I thought.

    Do you like my exo cage, its made from Nerf-Rod:D:D, nothing is going to be nicer to land on after a flop than pool noodles:p
  2. elizep42

    elizep42 New Member


    Hey mate, great lookin' rig. How do you go with the diesel and the 33's? I got the 2.8 non turbo in my truck and wanna put on some bigger rubber, do they slow it down much?
  3. pommmy

    pommmy New Member

    mate u'll be looking for a turbo real soon after u put 33's on ur 2.8............................
  4. elizep42

    elizep42 New Member

    Yeah I thought as much, cheers
  5. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Thanks mate, Ive got the 2.4d non turbo, and its fine turning the 35s I run daily, apart from when it sees a hill coming, it runs away lol.
    Ill be fitting a turbo soon, along with all the other stuff i want to fit.

    If you want to run 35s on yours, you may want to look at changing your diff ratios, yours being a 2.8d, youd be running the 4.3 ratios, look at getting 4.8s, as they should be alot better.
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  6. Dan dog

    Dan dog New Member

    hey dudelux
    hows progress going with yellow cab?? hope its going better than mine been to bloody cold of late to hit the shed.
  7. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Not a heap has been done, as we had a couple of weeks of rain, which meant that nothing got done.
    But I have managed to do a bit this week, with the sun out.
    Its down to a bare shell now, only the 8 bolts holding it on the chassis, and 1 fuel filler hose to go now. The lines, cables, wiring, has all been disconnected. The engine has only got the bolts to the bellhousing, and the mounts holding it all in.
    The inside is totally bare, the rust on the drivers side floor has been cut out, and new bits welded in, thanks to my bro-in-law. I just finishing off cleaning under where the dash was, and treating some small sections of surface rust, then will do a couple of coats of colour to the inside(matt black, as nobody will see it when the vinyl flooring is put back in).
    Then I can start refitting the dash, and some interior bits.

    Then I will start pulling the red one apart ready for the swap. fun fun fun.

    If anyone needs any LN65 bits, let me know.
  8. mickys gu4

    mickys gu4 Member

    sweet looks good keep up the good work
  9. dirtfix

    dirtfix New Member

    Whats the floor pan like in the old cab? I need to do some minor repairs on mine. Also after the centre console out of the dash (where the stereo would sit)
  10. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Dirtfix, the red one is still being driven around.
    And to be honest, I have never really looked under the vinyl in it, but I know theres at least 1 decent sized speed hole on each side, whenever I go through decent sized puddles, the water comes in through them.
  11. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    This rain is giving me the shits, I need it to stop raining so I can get out and do some more work to the yellow Lux.
    But its supposed to go on for at least the next week or so.

    This is what the yellow Lux looks like at the moment, I did find some water on the inside of the cab, Im guessing that its come in through one of the cracks in the windscreen, so I put a tarp over it.

    Here is what it looks like now, only 8 bolts holding the body on the chassis, and 1 fuel filler hose.

    And here is 2 more piles of parts from the yellow one.

    Once the inside has been primed, and painted, I can think about pulling the red one apart.
  12. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Well, I actually got a bit done over the weekend, so Im happy. Gotta love progress.

    I am at the stage where the interior has had any rust cut out and had new pieces welded in, or its been treated with rust inhibitor and rust converter, or its had both done.

    And I also got the primer down this arvo, on the floor, and back wall under the rear window.

    Tomorrow, the first coat of colour will go down, hopefully, maybe the second too.

    Once thats been done, I can start trying to figure out how to refit the fan boxes, heater stuff and most of the dash.
  13. dirtfix

    dirtfix New Member

    Keep plugging away at it mate, once you have the cabs swapped over you can just keep going with all the fidly bits and you will be done before you know it.
  14. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Yeah Dirtfix, thats the plan mate.
    I think it was Wed, I sprayed the floor, under the dash and rear wall with Matt Black. Looks pretty good now. Just needs some sound deadener painted down and its ready.

    I had quite a productive day today.
    I didnt get any pics of my progress, but I promise I will tomorrow.

    Im pretty chuffed with how Im going now.

    Ill get some pics tomorrow and Ill hopefully have alot accomplished by the end of tomorrow.
  15. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Well, Ive had a busy couple of days.
    Started yesterday morning, with me looking at the Yellow Lux, and trying to figure out what is left that I can do, all it needs is....
    - to have the sound deadener painted down on the inside
    - trim out a little bit around the gearsticks(to suit the bodylift I have on the other one)
    - weld in the footrest thing under the clutch pedal
    Apart from that, which isnt much, its ready to go.

    So I pushed it back over to the other side of the yard, and moved the Red Lux into prime position in front of the shed.
    The plan was to try and have it ready to get the red cab off sometime over the next week, taking my time, and labelling and tagging anything that I disconnected, or unplugged.
    I took alot of pics of how and where stuff was bolted, plugged and fitted before I undid anything, so I have some record of how it is supposed to be when Im finished.
    I also got a few pics this arvo, after Id spent 2 days getting stuff done.

    Ill let the pics tell the story, but I think Ive done ok, I am a hell of alot closer to a finished product though.

    First up, the yellow Lux as it is now, back on the other side of the yard. Just waiting.

    Inside the yellow one.

    I left the rear wall in primer for when I get some colour to spray in there.

    Then I moved the red Lux, and got to work on it.
    Got the interior out.

    I purposely left the dash in, as i will be using most of it in the yellow one, and itll be easier to fit it in, when I know exactly how and where things go.

    Got everything disconnected, unplugged and unbolted from both inner guards and the firewall by the end of today(except the brake and clutch boosters, which are still connected to the pedals), I really wanted to remove as little as possible from the dash area, so I left them on.

    Guards and tray off.

    The red shell is in really bad condition, there is so much rust in it, alot more than was expecting to find anyway, Im actually surprised its still holding together.
    Its not connected to the chassis anywhere, all thats left on it, are the doors, glass, bonnet, dash stuff, and a couple of things on the firewall(brake/clutch boosters, wiper motor). I even got the body lift and bolts out. The cab is just sitting there waiting to be lifted off the chassis.

    Theres no turning back now, thats for sure.
  16. andyjim243

    andyjim243 New Member

    New cab is looking awesome Tony, great work. You have been very busy mate! keep up the good work.
  17. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Cheers Andy.
    Not bad for my first attempt at body repair and painting.
  18. dirtfix

    dirtfix New Member

    Nearly there mate! Might just have it ready in time for the Sydney meet!
  19. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Nearly there??
    Not even close yet mate. But thanks, I am getting there, slowly.

    Todays plan is to try and figure out how I am going to get the red cab off the chassis, and across the yard, and then clean up the chassis, and go from there.
    No idea how I am going to move the red cab by myself, maybe if I cut the inner guards off the red one, and the front section of bodywork off, and use the engine crane to lift the remaining shell up, maybe, we will see, hopefully.
    Im not sure.
  20. dirtfix

    dirtfix New Member

    Get about 4 or 5 strong lads around to help with the lift. The offer of beer and burned animal on the BBQ is usually enticing enough for most!

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