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Toyota Hilux dual cab 1986

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by dudelux, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    So Ive recently been hunting for a replacement bodyshell for this, as mine is staring to rust badly, and I found something, and it didnt take me that long, and its in good nick too.

    I bought a 1984 dual cab from a guy in Toowoomba, and me and my brother went up to pick it up yesterday, it was a mission though, roughly a 26hr round trip, we only stopped for fuel, food, to load up the Lux, and for a nap on the way home.

    Its pretty much stock standard, got a 2.4diesel, a tub on the back, big roof racks, alloy bullbar, arb style rear bar, checkerplate type sidesteps, and a set of near new 31inch ATs. A little bit of surface rust on it, but no real bad rust spots on it.

    The guy that had previously owned it had an arb turbo kit fitted to it, but removed the turbo, manifold and dump-pipe before selling it, but the 2 3/4inch exhaust was still fitted, and the guy I bought it from told me that it leaks alot of oil from what he beleives is a hole in the block, and when I lifted the bonnet up to see the engine, I noticed that the oil filter was stuck between the diff pumpkin and the sump, which Id say, is where the oil is leaking from.
    I also noticed that the roof lining had mould on it, so I assume that it got some water in it during the recent floods up there, but the guy knew nothing about water inside the cab.

    We loaded it up and brought it home, and I spent all afternoon pulling out the interior, and once I lifted the vinyl flooring, I knew that it has had water inside recently, as the underfelt stuff was soaked, so Ive started to clean up the floor.
    I got most of it done today, and found a little bit of surface rust starting to come up from the water.

    So the plan is to thoroughly clean the interior, treat any rust with killrust or similar, and respray. And to sand back the outside of the cab, deal with any rust areas I may find, and respray it too.

    Then Ill be doing a cab swap, and fitting the new suspension/shocks/steering, as well as fitting the turbo and exhaust while the cab is off and we can get to the chassis easily.
    Then, once the cab is on, and its all done, the 4.8 centres will be fitted with Lockrights and added to the Lux. Ill run the tub for while, until I get sick of it, and build a steel tray.

    Then the next job will be doing some barwork on it, front bar, sliders, tray, and exo cage(to protect the body, as I now know how hard it is to find a LN65 dual cab body in decent condition).

    Anyway, enough talk, heres a couple of pics I got before we unloaded it at home. Yes there is a shitload of oil on the trailer, it all came from where the oil filter is supposed to be.
  2. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Got a few more pics today.


    The engine, I beleive its a sidecam 2L, compared to the engine in my red one, which is a OHC 2L. Ive had a good look around the engine and havent found any holes in the block, apart from where the manifold and oil filter used to be.

    What I got done yesterday arvo, some bugger has borrowed my paint scraper, and havent returned it, so Im using a flathead screwdriver to scrape up the crap left from when I pulled out the vinyl flooring. I might just cover the dash in plastic and genri the floor tomorrow, to save alot of time and effort. Then I can killrust any spots that need it, and give the inside a respray.
  3. 90lux

    90lux New Member

    looks like a nice clean rust free country gen 2 dualcab.
    now hurry up and get all those parts fitted and come wheelin.
    you have more goodiies in your shed than loktup has in there store :D
  4. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Hahaha. I know.

    At least the list of stuff that I still need to buy, is shorter than the list of stuff Ive already bought. I just need to start putting stuff on.

    Im not in a rush to swap cabs, yet. I want it all to be done and fitted before the NSW Lux meet in July.

    But I am hanging out to go wheeling again, I havent been out since late Jan.
  5. dirtfix

    dirtfix New Member

    Annual Hilux meet is bigger and better! Hehe! I might put in another appearance at the Sydney one if funds permit.
  6. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Maybe so dirtfix, but theres no way I can get all of this done in a week.
  7. dirtfix

    dirtfix New Member

    Theres always next year mate. Hopefully i will be able to get down to the Sydney one to see it in action.
  8. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Im planning a big day on the yellow one tomorrow, finish cleaning the inside of it, wire brush the surface rust, weld up 2 little rust holes, and killrust the lot. The start the respray of the interior.

    I also placed an order with Low Range Offroad in the states, for my Lockrights.

    Ill get pics from tomorrow.
  9. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    I spent most of last saturday doing the interior of the yellow Lux, cleaned the floor up with wax and grease remover, came up nice and shiny.
    Then wire brushed the surface rust on the drivers side, and found that more little rust holes were hiding under it, so I wet sanded the area, treated with rust dissolver and then painted on rust converter with primer.

    Im just going to cut the rusty section out of the floor pan, and weld in a rust free piece, that Ill get from my local wrecking yard on friday. I dont really like the idea of filling the holes full of weld, thats too dodgy for even me:D

    Im going to start pulling the dash out tomorrow, so I can clean under it, and see if theres any surprises under there.

    Once the interior is free of rust, and cleaned up, Ill put some colour in there. Im still thinking about colours, maybe a darkish red, like what I am driving now, or a canary yellow, or a nice blue, I dont know.
  10. looks like your getting a little more than organised now darkish red would get you looked at by mr plod less but a pastally canary yellow or blue would look trick green has been done to death l want to do mine in a light coloured pacific or safire blue one day cant wait to see what it looks like when your done
  11. jnr

    jnr New Member

    tony good to see its all coming along for you.
  12. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Thanks Jnr, I owe you a beer or 6 mate.
    And yes, I know that a dark red similar to what Im driving now would be less obvious than a bright car, and I wasnt a big fan of the red when I got it, but its really grown on me over the last 4 or so years.
    But to be honest, all the other stuff will make it very noticeable to the fuzz, but hopefully, most of it will be engineered.
    Im now leaning towards a dark red like Ive got now.

    Im going to ring a guy tomorrow that I know has a few LN65 shells sitting at his factory, he should let me cut out some floor bits for my yellow one.

    I am going to Sydney on saturday, then straight up to Newy afterwards, so Ill put in a full day on Sunday to the yellow one, Im hoping to have the rusty sections cut out and have new pieces welded in by the end of Sunday, at least ready for primer.
  13. pommmy

    pommmy New Member

    mate did ya get your extended front shackles yet, i've got some on mine, but thinking of going back to standard ones, might have a pair for sale if ur interested.
  14. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Yeah Pommy, I got 125mm banana shackles from BudsCustoms for the front, thanks anyway.

    I picked up some bits for the yellow one yesterday too, a piece of floorpan from a gen2 4runner, a centre console from a gen3 4runner.

    Now I just need to get motivated and go and chop out the rusty section from the yellow one, and weld in the new, non-rusty piece.

    I really wanted it welded in by the end of today, but I lack motivation, and the fab skills to do a great job, so Ill settle for having the rusty section cut out today.
  15. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Well, I ended up doing nothing to the yellow Lux over the weekend, which kinda sucks, as I wanted to get the rusty section sorted, so I can concentrate on the next part.

    Today, I took the side steps off, and gave the outside a quick run with the gerni. Im really surprised how much its changed its appearance, with only the steps and most of the dirt coming off.

    Im actually liking the colour right now, but we will see how it looks in the light of day tomorrow.

    Either dark red like my red Lux, or canary yellow. Ill make a decision tomorrow.

    And Im putting in a full day on Saturday to get the interior all done, rusty section cut out, and new piece welded in, and at least some primer down.
    And some more stuff pulled off it.

    Well thats the plan anyway.
  16. Dan dog

    Dan dog New Member

    hey dudelux
    capiable rig ya got there good luck with the yellow truck
  17. Dan dog

    Dan dog New Member

    Either dark red like my red Lux, or canary yellow. Ill make a decision tomorrow.

    have a look at straight yellow tinter or chrome yellow i think they call it. very clean looking colour neally did mine yellow. like canary yellow but alot brighter and its a base colour so touch ups are a easy match.
    Dan dog
  18. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Thanks Dan, Ill look into that chrome yellow.
    Ive always wanted a nice bright yellow car.

    Ill get some pics tomorrow of how it looks now without the steps, and all the crud on it.
  19. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    I stuffed around on photobucket today, made an exo(very dodgy looking), and gave the yellow Lux a new look.

    I kinda like the way it looks, the colour is cool, and the exo design is pretty much how it will be when built properly.

    Let me know what you think.
  20. Dan dog

    Dan dog New Member

    hahaha..... you will love that chrome yellow paint dudelux your photobucket picture is a perfect exsample of it. spot on what it looks like.

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