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Toyota Hilux dual cab 1986

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by dudelux, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    My plan is to sell the v8 swap gear, and buy a decent turbo kit, Ive seen a few on ebay for around the 600-800 mark.
    My mate is a diesel mechanic, so he has been recruited to help me with the work.
    Then twin lockrites, and 4.7s in the t-case.
    I have a few mates that have front and rear lockrites, and they dont have any complaints.
    They dont use their Luxs everyday, they have dailys to use, but Im not a fast driver, I corner slow because of the lack of power steering, and the lack of engine power.
    Plus I have kids in the car with me sometimes.

    I reckon Ill be very happy with all that on there.
  2. dirtfix

    dirtfix New Member

    I reckon your right! Good luck with all that mate, look forward to seeing your work. :cool:
  3. andyjim243

    andyjim243 New Member

    What Andy said...well most of it...
  4. dirtfix

    dirtfix New Member

    Your gonna have to change that sig line Andy! :p
  5. andyjim243

    andyjim243 New Member

    hey your right, I didn't even notice
  6. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Somebody buy the v8 gear!!!!
    Its a complete engine conversion kit, everything needed to have the engine in, and running.

    Its going to cost more than what Im asking to buy everything seperately.
  7. raven ute

    raven ute New Member

    hey tony, ive been askgin around to see if anyone wants the gear ill let you know if i hear anything
  8. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Cheers mate, I appreciate that.
  9. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    If anyone knows someone thats looking at doing the V8 to Hilux conversion, please tell them about me selling a complete kit.
    It includes everything needed to drop in the engine, bolt up everything in, wire it up and start.

    I need to sell this stuff asap, as I need the money urgently.

    Im asking for $4000, and I spent alot more than that collecting all the bits.

    I am open to offers and will consider all offers.

    Thanks guys.
  10. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Im still trying to sell the conversion, if anyone knows someone, let me know. $3800 ono.

    Anyway, I took the tray off last week to remove some mounts from the chassis rail, the middle tray mounts werent being used, and they were in the way of the mudflaps , so I cut them off.
    Also, I put some more galv, chain on the back of the tray with a small D shackle, and some on the bottom of the mudflaps, so I can now lift the mudflaps up out of the way when wheeling.
    I also moved the rear recovery hooks from where they were on the outside of the chassis rails, to the inside of them, so they are out of the way now too.

    I was hoping to get back down to Son Of Trials again this year, to see if I could be competetive, but due to me having no money, it wasnt looking good, and Mrs D was really looking forward to going again, so she might be paying for us to go so I can compete.

    SOT is this weekend, and if we are going, I have to make a decision today or tomorrow, so I can pack the car Thursday, and we can leave on Friday.
    Cutting it fine, I know.
  11. Bainsy

    Bainsy 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Good luck with it mate. Go Mrs D! Doin it for the team.
  12. andyjim243

    andyjim243 New Member

    Show us some progress pics Tony.
  13. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Progress pics of what??
    Nothings happened lately, I have no cash to spend on it until somebody buys the V8 gear off me. And then there wont be much to spend on the Lux.
    I havent even been wheeling since the last wheeling pics were taken, with Pete, Bob and the others.
    I did go and watch my brothers race their rally cars out at Awaba(near Tronno, aka; Toronto), and had to drag a commy ute from a mud pit after it pissed down out there.

    As for the Lux, all I did was put some chain on the rear mudflaps so I can hang them up when I go wheeling so they dont get ripped off. And to do this, I had to cut off the middle tray mount from the chassis rails and change the rear recovery hooks position, from outside the chassis rails to inside the chassis rails.

    Apart from that, its the same as in the last lot of pics. The only other noticeable change is that my Swampers are now my daily tyres, as the Claws are badly unbalanced, which is strange, as they were balanced when I had them fitted to rims sometime around August September last year.

    And Son Of Trials is definately off now, as i just started a new job yesterday, so I cant ask for a day off 2 days after starting.

    So I can start thinking about fitting the new suspension pieces, just need some new bushes for the springs, and someone that can weld nicely.
    Doing that might cheer me up a bit. Hopefully.
  14. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Today, I took Mrs D and our 2 youngens(2 and 3 yrs old), out in the Lux. Not much else was going on so we headed for the bush.
    We headed out to Wyee, not hard tracks, just some easy stuff to fill the day, some little ruts and puddles, and a couple of little climbs, the kids enjoyed themselves, and we came out at Morisset.
    Then we headed to the quarry at Freemans Waterhole, and I had a play in there for a while.
    After we left the quarry, we took the kids to The Oak Roadhouse just up the road from the quarry, and we got the kids an ice-cream, which they both ended up wearing.
    Once the ice-creams were gone, we came home.
    A great way of using an otherwise boring Sunday. Everybody enjoyed themselves.

    Im using the Swampers as daily tyres at the moment, because my 35in Claws arent behaving on the road, they tend to wander all over the road, so its not much fun, or too safe to use. The Swampers are surprisingly great on the road, they handle well at highway pressures, and make the Lux feel quite nice to drive. The Swampers are just very very noisy onroad, but I can live with that.

    Mrs D got a few pics of me in the quarry.

    I parked up on Blakes flex bank, still standard springs, shackles and shocks.

    And the tyre did some panelbeating on the passenger side guard again

    If you look at the pics closely, you can see my rear mudflaps hanging up under the tray, right up out of the way.
  15. NIAL8R

    NIAL8R New Member

    some good pic's there mate :D
  16. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    I havent been in the bush since the pics above, and Im hanging out to go wheeling.

    I have a little bit of an update though...
    I sold off the V8 conversion gear, so after I paid the bills, I bought some new goodies for the Lux.

    I bought a turbo kit, a new clutch kit, some flashy looking gauges, and some nice bling LED taillights for the tray Im almost starting to build.
    I also picked up a 4.8 diff centre yesterday, just need to find 1 more, and then I can order myself some Lockrights for them.

    Im going to get a compression test done this week, so I can find out how healthy the engine is(I believe it should be ok), and if its all good, then the turbo will be bolted on.
    Im also going to be running a 3inch exhaust from the turbo back, so ill be buying the bits needed for that too.

    Im looking for a dual cab body shell to replace my current one, as the rust is too far gone now, to try and repair it.
    I really want to stay with the same shape as I have now, so if anyone knows of a LN65(84-88) Hilux dual cab shell, with very little to no rust, and its for sale, then please let me know.
  17. dirtfix

    dirtfix New Member

    Speak to Dennis at Hilux Wreckers he is always getting stuff through there. Only problem is he is in Chinderah on the NSW/QLD border. Failing that keep an eye out for a 2wd one at a wrecker near you and just swap the guards. From what i have seen the guards and the extra hole in the trans tunnel are the only things different. Good to see your making progress, i got myself another LN65 and i am loving it! Just strapped on some 35s! Will you be coming to the Annual Hilux/Surf/4runner meet this year?
  18. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Im planning on going to the Lux meet.
    Im hoping to have everything done before then though.
    RUF/IFS rears, Histeer/power steer, turbo, new diff gears and lockers.

    Well thats the plan anyway.

    Yeah, the only difference between the 2wd and 4wd Luxes are the guards and the extra hole in the trans tunnel.

    If I find a 2wd shell in good nick, Ill take it.
  19. Bainsy

    Bainsy 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Good stuff dude. Putting a turbo on my car was the best thing i done to it. Diesel gas got it crackin more too, you should look into it.
  20. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Thanks Bainsy, I think I have my hands full trying to get all of this stuff on.;)

    But the V8 conversion gear went to the freight depot today, so its on its way to a new home. So I moved some stuff around in the shed and took a couple of pics of my recent purchases.

    My turbo kit, which has a CT20 turbo, a 3inch dump pipe, 2x manifolds, and a heap of various hoses and heat shields.

    My new pink clutch kit, its an Exedy Sports Tuff kit.

    And my flashy LED tail lights turned up today too, they are bigger than i thought, now I have to make my tray.

    And my 2yr old son came into the shed and pretended to help me, he pretty much just sat and watched me move stuff around, I like his choice of seat though.

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