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Toyota Hilux dual cab 1986

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by dudelux, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Not really anything to add, but I went out wheeling on sunday, went to the watagans, went with my bro-in-law and met up with some guys off the forums.
    Did some good tracks.
    I havent done a whole lot to the lux since the RTC went on.
    Ive just been updating my to do list...and its not in order.
    - my 33x12.5 TSL Swampers will be here soon
    - get some 15x8 sunnys(5) in white for the above rubber
    - 2 inch spring lift, and some long travel shocks to suit
    - get the bullbar modded and fitted
    - fit the snorkel
    - finish installing the UHF
    - finish fitting my new speakers
    - put my spottys on the bullbar
    - fit the extractors and exhaust

    That should just about get all the bits out of the shed and onto the lux, apart from my bucket seats that will be fitted eventually, not an important thing just yet. And theres enough to keep me real busy for the next while.
  2. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    I got my Super Swampers sunday just gone, they are pretty much new, not even any scuff marks on them anywhere.
    Also started fitting the snorkel, got a big hole butchered into the inner guard, now I need some tin snips to make the hole in the outer guard nice looking compared to the rough job I did on the inner guard.
    I need some 15x8 wheels for my swampers now. Just have to decide on what wheels to get, sunnys are on top of the list so far as I dont know what else is good.
    Definately steel and most likely white, but hilux/cruiser offset which I think is -22.
    Any ideas people??
  3. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Some pics of my new tyres.:D
  4. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    By this time next week, my swampers will be fitted onto new 15x8 white King sunnys.
    Which means that 2 weekends away will be my first drive on my new swampers.:D:D
  5. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Swampers are now on wheels, as posted above the new rims are white 15x8 King sunnys, -23 offset, they were fitted today, and did take a bit of weight to balance, but they are done now. I also bought a pair of Snake Racing extended rear shackles today, 170mm long.
    Heres a couple of pics.
  6. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Heres a better pic of the tyres and rims
  7. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Went wheeling out at the Watagans today wih a bunch of guys, great day. We did CPT80, Fullys Gully Rd(or something like that), and one other track, which took a couple of hours to do due to almost everyone needing at least one recovery, there was alot of sloppy, slippery mud, and some big holes too.
    You sort of, straddle a big rut on one side, then, once youre past that, cross to the other side and put the passenger side tyres up o a big bank, and try to avoid sliding the drivers side into this big hole, once past this, theres a step, and another hole, then another small climb and youre out. Sounds easy??
    3 people including myself got caught in the big hole. all were winched or snatched out.
    Heres a couple of pics of me stuck.
  8. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Got my snorkel on today, it was given to me quite some time ago, and the person that made it didnt do the best job of it, the joins were misalligned, and the welds were birdpoop, so I gave it to the specialist stainless steel welders at my work, and they cut and retigged it all for me.
    Its a 3inch stainless steel snorkel, all 1 piece, and was free, so I cant complain.
    Today I fitted it on the lux, Im happy with how it looks, and I even noticed the engine running a bit smoother between 50-60kms too.
    Heres some pics..
  9. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Not alot has happened, been collecting bits for the suspension, Ive got the IFS rear springs, extended rear shackles, new bushes, Ive got some bits coming from Buds Customs, should be here in the next couple of days, and hopefully this week, Ill be able to order some bits from Superior or Locktup. Just depends on cash.
    Still waiting on tax money so I can start my brake conversion.

    I did go wheeling sunday just gone, went out and did Killy Loop and Westy Steps with a few others. Was some good tracks, and alot of hairy moments, when I was lifting rear wheels going down some drops. Im sure I was about to go over a few times.
    Drove up some sections that I thought I wouldnt get up.
    No major damage to report, broke the mirror mount on the drivers side from laying against a bank during one of the ass clenching moments, Im sure I was on 2 wheels going down a big step. Also got a small section of the bead off the rim on the front, but it lasted the secong half of the day before I changed it. And the big lugs on the TSLs bent the botto of the passenger guard up a bit.

    These are the only pics I have of my junk.
  10. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    I found a couple more pics from Sundays Killy Loop run.
  11. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Ive been busy collecting bits for my suspension.
    So far, I have:
    IFS rear springs, with bottom load leaf removed (from a 2003 IFS Lux)
    new bushes and centre pins for the above springs
    standard rear springs for front (from my Lux)
    2inch dropped front crossmember (from Superior Engineering)
    front shock hoops (from Buds Customs)
    inverted rear shock mount (from Buds Customs)
    lower rear shock mounts (from Buds Customs)
    extended rear shackles (from Snake Racing)

    I still have to get:
    new bushes and centre pins for the front springs
    new rear shackle mounts
    dropped draglink
    front and rear shocks to suit (once all the suspension parts have been fitted, I can measure up for the required length)
    new front and rear greaseable pins
    extended front shackles (Mrs D will be getting these from Snake Racing soon)

    Ill probably be making a track bar and RHS front driveshaft.

    My tax dollars finally turned up so I can get the parts for my brake upgrade/overhaul.
    80series Landcruiser master cyl and booster
    V6 Surf front calipers and vented rotors
    V6 Surf rear drums

    Later down the track, I am planning to convert to power steering, then I can fit crossover steering or Hi-steer.
  12. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Its been a while since I updated this thread.
    I havent done any wheeling since the Killy Loop day, and have been pretty quiet in the shed too.
    Heres a few pics of my growing collection or pieces for the jigsaw.

    My IFS rear springs and extended rear shackles.

    My front shock hoops and inverted rear shock setup from Buds Customs.

    My dropped front crossmember from Superior Engineering.

    My new front brakes, vented discs and bigger calipers from a LN106 lux.

    My new master cylinder and booster from an early 80series Land Cruiser.
  13. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Last week I had a wheel bearing fail at around 100kms going along the freeway. I ended up limping home along the back streets in 2nd gear hitting a top speed of 15kms.
    I eventually got home and put the Lux into the shed to see what happened, the bearing had exploded in a big way.
    This is what was left of the inner wheel bearing on the drivers side.

    The bearing race has welded itself to the stub axle from the heat.

    So I got some new wheel bearings and a spare stub axle, and thought it would be a good time to fit the new front brakes.
    So the new front discs are on, the new calipers are on, and the new wheel bearings are in.
    I started bleeding the system yesterday, there is still some air in there somewhere, so Im planning on going out and trying again today.
    Just waiting on Mrs D to take the kids out.
  14. BAZ_747

    BAZ_747 New Member

    Looking good... will be good to join in next time a..
  15. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    I think that when I was changing the calipers over to the bigger ones, the fluid ran dry, which could be the reason the brakes werent working, no matter how much I bled the system, so I decided to replace the master cyl and booster to the 80series unit.
    I spent the afternoon taking the old one off the lux, and I will be fitting the Cruiser one tomorrow, hopefully, then the brakes will work.
    What a bunch of dramas this has been.
  16. Bainsy

    Bainsy 4x4 Earth Contributer

    also, your lux might have a brake bias valve in the rear. when i totally rebuilt my truck all my brake lines were 100% dry. i beld and bled at the rear wheel cylinders, front calipers, the master cyl and still wasnt braking properly. but then noticed the bleeder nipple on the bias valve on the rear and after a few pumps of bleeding it was like new!

    Just a thaught
  17. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Yeah mate, thats the LSP valve, it something to do with sending braking power from the rear to the front so you dont lock up the rears.
    You always bleed that last, from what Ive read and heard.
  18. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    To update my brake upgrade, its been drama after drama.
    I got the 80series booster and master cyl in and bolted up, only had to trim out the hole in the firewall, as the pushrod on the booster sits higher then the Lux one.
    Bled the system again, and the brakes seemed to work, so I put the wheels on and reversed out of the shed, pushed the pedal in the make sure they were working, and the car stopped, but rocked like a seesaw, very wierd.
    So after alot of asking and researching and head scratching, I took the discs off and got them machined, made a heap of difference.
    The pedal feels great, I went for a run to the end of my street and back and the bigger brakes work great, but i still have to take it out for a proper drive to make sure they are done.
    The rear drums are shagged so they are next on the list of things to be replaced. I was thinking about going with bigger drums, but its probably alot of work for little gain, so Ill probably go with the same size as Ive got now.
  19. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Just to update my progress.
    The front discs have been replaced by bigger and better vented discs from a solid axle LN106, the front calipers have been replaced by bigger ones.
    The standard master cylinder/booster was also replaced by a unit from an early 80 series Landcruiser.
    The brakes are all on and work great, easily the best mod done so far.
    The rears still need to be done, as do the rear wheel bearings/seals, etc. That will be happening probably early next week. Hopefully.

    Ive also got some plans to mod the Lux further, Ill be buying the parts still needed to do the RUF/IFS rears and fitting it all.
    Also going to be fitting power steering and histeer.
    And my largest mod planned so far, 3rz conversion.
    I just have to find/buy an engine or donor vehicle. Then its on.

    I have made some new rear mudflaps and flares.
    Heres what they used to look like, made from a real estate sign.

    These are the new one ones, made from 12mm conveyor belt rubber.

    I also fitted some 6inch speakers to the front doors after my little 4inch ones went bang.

    This is the console I made up using some offcuts I found in the shed.

    This is the 80series master cylinder/booster fitted as part of my recent brake upgrade.
  20. dudelux

    dudelux New Member

    Its been a while since I updated this thread, so here it goes.

    I had the rear wheel cylinders, wheel bearings replaced, and also had new drums and brake shoes fitted, all was happy, but then the rear brakes were grabbing as I was driving, so badly in fact that I took my foot off the accelerator pedal, and slowed to a complete stop without using the brake pedal at all.
    I adjusted the pushrod in the brake booster,made a little bit of difference, still wasnt quite right, so I adjusted the pushrod at the top of the brake pedal, all seems to be good now.

    Also, I have decided what Im doing as far as the engine conversion goes, I wont give anything away just yet, so youll have to watch this space as updates come, but there is new engine mounts, and a different gearbox in amongst the pieces.

    I also bought some stuff from Locktup4x4 recently, for the suspension and steering.
    Heres what I got....

    Fornt and rear Ubolt flip kits.

    IFS power steering box mount.

    New greasable pins, Track bar mounts and new rear shackle mounts.

    Front and rear Bilsteins:D:D

    Complete Hi-steer kit, including new steering damper.

    I also bought myself a mig welder, to make fitting of most these bits alot easier for me.
    Its a Lincoln 180C.

    So now my list of parts here is bigger, and the list of parts needed is samller.

    Parts I have........

    - my stock rear springs for the front(RUF)
    - 2inch dropped front crossmember(Superior Engineering)
    - shock hoops(Buds Costoms)
    - complete Hi-steer kit and IFS power steering box mount(Locktup4x4)
    - new greasable pins(Locktup4x4)
    - 12inch Bilstein shocks(Locktup4x4)
    - Ubolt flip kit(Locktup4x4)

    Just need extended shackles, new bushes and centre pins.

    - IFS rear springs(03 Lux)
    - extended shackles, 200mm(pick up today)
    - Ubolt flip kit(Locktup4x4)
    - 10inch Bilsteins(Locktup4x4)
    - inverted rear shock mount(Buds Customs)
    - new greasable pins and track bar mounts(Locktup4x4)

    Just need new centre pins and bushes. I will be making a track bar for it.

    I did buy some new shackle mounts, but that was when I was going to be using my 170mm long shackles, Im getting some 200mm long shackles instead and I wont have to move shackle mounts at all. So Ill be using one of the new mounts in the fitting of my track bar.

    Im getting an engine crane today, so I should be picking up the new engine in the next week or so, its up Newy way, so not far from me. I also have to pick up the IFS power steering set up from up there too.

    Stay tuned to watch this thing really take shape.

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