Toyota Hilux dual cab 1986


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Well, its been quite a while since my last post in here.
To bring everyone up to speed on whats going on with the Lux.......
The engine has been all done, no turbo yet though, its all fitted and been home for a while now.
Yes it did take quite a long time to have the engine rebuilt, and fitted, but its all done, and Ive done just over 1000kms on the new motor, and so far so good.

Ive had it out on the tracks once or twice since getting it back on the road, went very well.
I did have a small issue with the steering shaft coming out of the rag joint, and leaving me with no steering at all. Im just very glad that it came out when I was crawling through some ruts, instead of 10minutes earlier when I was going about 40-50kms through the twists and turns along Watagan Forest Rd.
I did fix it though, I made a spacer at work, using 2 bits of 10mm plate, welded them together, drilled a couple of holes, and gave it a quick coat of paint, and put it in. All good now.

The Lux has a hard weekend of wheeling coming up, we are off to Bylong 4x4 Park on Friday.

As for doing mods to it, the turbo will be next. Not sure when, but soon... I have everything here that I need, including the front mount intercooler.
Then, front suspension and steering overhaul, then diff centres and lockers.

I still have my half finished sliders in the shed, and I have a smicko winch cradle coming, so I can start my tube bar(the proper one, not the toy I made from scrap tube).

I have given myself a deadline for all this work too......
By the time next years QLD Lux meet comes round, I want the front suspension and steering done, the turbo on and tuned, the locked 4.8s in, sliders and front bar done. Im hoping to have a set of Longfields in the front end too.
And by early/mid September next year, I want the tray and exo cage done, and a new set of Swampers on beadlocks. Plus a few other things.

I have no pics to go with this update, but Im hoping that I can get some nice pics from this weekends trip away to show you all.


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Man, what a build up!!! The Lux looks and sounds like it is an absolute beast.. I myself am in the process of buying an '86 model off a mate. Dual cab that he resprayed a few years back and has a few minor mods. I was thinking along the lines of a V6 commy conversion but after spending the past 6 odd hours reading your thread from start to finish, I have changed my mind!! I have also picked up some bloody good ideas to try out and I also plan to manufacture what I can with help from a few mates of course (fitters or boilermakers). Good to see the kids getting out and about and having a great time also. Nothing beats taking the family 4wding for a day out. Once again, top build up and I can only hope mine turns out half as good. Will all depend how much I have to spend on the wife's shopping trolley (4.5litre auto GU Patrol) although I'm not allowed to mod it too much LMFAO. Could be expensive trying to build up 2 top fourbys atthe same time. Top Job mate


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Thanks for the kind words mate. I appreciate it.

I have something in the works at the moment for the old Lux, something that I never considered until an oppurtunity came up, its going to take a bit of work, but it should be good, and different too.

These old luxes are really user friendly, easy to work on.
When you start your build, post it up here, so I can watch the progress.


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No worries mate. I plan on trying to make for my build up but back on an apprentice wage these days and buying the wife a GU Patrol so I reckon my plans will be a very slow progress.. lol. Got a few things to get it on the road first.... How did your ute go with the turbo motor? I'm starting to consider instead of bolting a turbo on, maybe just exchange with a 2LT surf motor and auto box for easier offroading. Definitely going to try my own barwork and custom tray. See how it all goes and get some practice on the old girl before trying to modify the Patrol..


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Turbos still not on. I recently swapped my CT20 turbo for a Garrett T03, and will get around to doing that sooner or later.
The 2LT Surf motors are very well known for blowing heads, very very common issue.
If it was me, Id probably go with the 3L(2.8d), and fit a turbo to that.


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Thats a good tip mate! Last thing I need is to spending dough on the motor and not the mods..... Definitely given me some food for thought. Although now I am under instruction to possibly purchase a camper trailer. A top idea for our family getaways but its coming outta my budget... :/


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Ive been a little busy gathering parts for this build. Trying very hard to have it ready to compete in Willowglen in October.
Ive just scored a set of front and rear diffs too, complete except for centres. Rear is IFS width, and will be built with locked 4.88 centre. Front will be locked 4.88 too, plus Ill be fitting a set of IFS hubs, and chromo axles and CVs, aswell as pumpkin guards and housing bracing. Ill also be adding new seals, and bearings throughout, using heavy duty gear from Locktup4x4.
And Ill be able to build these up in the shed, and will swap them over once they are ready, and Im organised, and Ill do the RUF and Histeer then too.

Ive put the turbo on the backburner for now. I just want to get this thing ready for the comp.
Once the new diffs go under, Ill have to redo my rear bumpstops, and sort out the fronts too, but itll be alot more stable, and handle heaps better both on and offroad.
Then Ill concentrate on getting the sliders and front bar done, plus do some new front and rear recovery points(comp requires them), and getting some all important seat time in it before the comp.


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Heres a few pics from a recent day out in The Watagans with some other guys. Was a fun day out, and it was awesome to hit the tracks.









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Looks like you had a good day out dudelux.
Your avitar picture had me thinking for a minute seeing a red 'lux and then seeing a yellow one in the pics you posted. I forgot you did a body swap.
Hows the build up going? Are you nearly finished, or is it a case of 'rome wasnt built in a day"?


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Did a couple of wheeling trips, out to the Watagans with some mates, and still collecting bits for the build up.

The Mrs went overseas for 2 weeks recently, and I took the 2 weeks off to look after the kids(school runs, sports, after school stuff, etc), so I had her car to drive for those 2 weeks, and while they were at school I had time to work on the Lux, and do some much needed upgrading of the front end.

I had quite a collection of bits to go on the Lux now....
For the front-
front diff truss and knuckle gussets
4.8 and lockright
dirty30s chromo axles and CVs
my old rear springs
2inch dropped hanger
buds banana shackles
flipped Ubolt kit
complete histeer kit
power steering setup from IFS 4runner
heavy duty front axle rebuild kit
shock hoops
12inch Bilstein shocks
IFS hubs
hub spacers

For the rear-
IFS rear housing
inboarded shock mounts
track bar
4.8 and lockright
flipped Ubolt kit
greasable pins
200mm extended shackles
IFS rear springs

I just needed a new front housing, as mine was bent. A mate has one buried in his shed, and he said I could have it, he just needed to dig it out. I spent the 1st week of my break waiting for him to dig out the housing for me. At the end of the first week, still no word from him, I decided to chase up a housing elsewhere as I couldnt waste anymore time waiting for him.
I found another mate that had a housing sitting in his back shed, so I bought it.
Monday morning, I started cleaning up the front housing, removing all the old grease and oil, and cutting off the torque rod and steering damper brackets. Also dug out all the parts of the depths of the shed for the front.
Tuesday, finished cleaning up the housing and knuckles ready to have the truss and bvraces welded on.
Wednesday, welded on the truss and knuckle braces, then started moving stuff around so I could get the Lux in the shed.
Thursday, put the Lux in the shed and removed the front diff, shackles, shocks.
Friday, I cut out the spring hangers, shock hoops, and started cleaning up the chassis rails ready to have new bits welded on.

I must add that I was only working on the Lux during school hours. So by the time Id dropped the kids off at school, it was around 930 when I got into the shed, and when 200-230 came around, Id have to pack everything up and shower so I could go and pick them all up again, then do after school stuff, sports, homework, dinner, showers, bed. Its near impossible to do a build this way and see much progress.

I went back to work at the start of this week, and the kids are now on holidays, I worked Mon, Wed, and Thurs, but we took the kids out on Tues, so nothing got done then, and today, Mrs is at the hospital with our number 4 having surgery, so Ive got the others here, and doing housework. So bugger all will be done today.
Hopefully Ill get a chance to get some stuff done over the weekend.

The rear housing is off getting new brakes, bearings, and seals fitted. The front is ready to be put back together with all new bearings, seals, the histeer bits, and the widetrack kit.
The lockers were supposed to be installed while all this was going on, but I never got to them, so it will stay with the open 4.5s for now, then Ill fit the locked 4.8s later on.

Heres a couple of pics I took last week..
The collection of bits that I dug out, it took me nearly 2 hours to find all this stuff.

Thursday arvo, before I packed up so I could do the arvo school run. Springs were stuck in the hangers, I couldnt make them move, so I cut the hangers off with the springs still attached.

And where it sits as of Friday arvo, and still sits now. Just need to clean up the chassis rails so its ready to have new bits welded on.


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Front housing is back together now, with the IFS hubs and hub spacers(its now an extra 3inches wider than stock), dirty30 chromo axles and CVs are in, heavy duty seals and bearings are in(including the marlin crawler heavy duty axle seals), histeer arms are on, histeer draglink and tierod are on, centre is back in, diff truss is on too.
Been grinding to get the chassis rails all cleaned up, ready for new dropped spring hanger, fish plates and shock hoops, and the IFS steering box.
Sorry about the crappy phone pics, but you get the idea...

Need to get the front end bits welded in, then put it all back together again, get it on the road, and through rego.
Then I can replace the rear diff housing with the IFS one Ive built up, then the width in the rear will match the width in the front.
Then I can fit the lockers to my 4.8 centres and put them in.
Still seems so far away, but its getting there slowly.

Only being able to work on this during school hours is a real PITA though.


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Been a busy couple of days with the grinder, chassis rails all cleaned up, Im hoping a mate is coming around tomorrow to give me a hand weld on the new dropped hanger, and steering box mounts.
Today, I put the springs on the shackles, and hung the dropped hanger and clamped it flush with the front of the chassis rail.

I got a couple more pics too....


The brake backing plates went on a bit of a diet

Dropped hanger clamped on

Shackle angle(car still on stands with no weight under the springs)


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Wow, its been way to long since I updated this thread.

Ill fill in the blanks since I last posted and go through and add pics where I can.

Ok, since the last post here, where the front end was getting sorted, I have managed to get it all in and welded up. IFS steering box is in, all the lines and pump fitted. I had to notch the radiator support panel so I can move the steering box right up to the front of the chassis rail. I ended up drilling the spring perches an inch forward and moving the diff, to try and get the draglink and tierod away from the sump.
I had to get some new brakelines made for the front, as the ones I got made a few years ago that were 4inches longer than stock, were now too short. So I got a local brake place to make some up that are 12inches longer than stock.
I put the front shaft back in, to see how far forward the diff went, it worked out about 90mm. But since Ive moved the front forward on the perches, its only about 40mm at the moment, but will be redoing perches so it will be back to 90mm.



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So the front was done(except for the shock hoops, shocks, bumpstops and steering damper), but it was pretty much back together and driveable again, so I turned my attention to the rear end.

Old housing out.

This is the IFS housing I was going to use, but swapped it for another one that wasnt all braced up, as it was going to be too much work to cut off the bracing, and brackets and then weld on the stock brackets, etc.


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Since this was done, and my September deadline had come and gone, and it was only 2 weeks until the comp, I had to make a hard decision.
I wasnt going to have the Hilux ready in time to compete, so I gave my spot to someone ready to go and chasing a drive spot.

This really took the pressure off me, and it caused my motivation to work on this dissappear, so it stayed driveable, but not quite done.

Ive been driving it around, to work and back, kids around, etc.

If you scroll up this page, youll see it sitting in the driveway. it looks pretty much the same now, but the IFS rear housing is in, so the width on the rear matches the width on the front.

It still needs front shock hoops, shocks, bumpstops, and steering damper then the front is done, and the rear just needs the shocks fitted. I still have the inboarded rear mounts, but Im thinking about moving the upper mounts, to get the rear shocks a bit more vertical, to hopefully use the full length of the shocks a bit better. Also need to do the track bar to prevent diff wrap.

Mid December, I dropped off my lockers and 4.8 diff centres areound to a mates place to have my lockers installed. 2 weeks later, they were done, so I fitted them over a weekend, and got the front shaft in too. So now its locked front and rear, and has drive to the front again.

In the next few weeks Ill be starting the turbo install, have all the bits I need except the tubing for the front mount intercooler, but will need to work out where to run the tubing so I can buy the right bits. Im hoping the turbo is all in and done by Tuff Truck, to make the drive up and back a bit nicer.

There is a comp in June(Woodpecker) that I was thinking about entering, but my Lux will be placed in Outlaw class, due to the dropped spring hanger. And since the cars Ill be competing against are mostly heavily modified, and mine is very basic, running stock leaf springs front and rear, Im not too sure if Ill do this one(Ill chat to the comp organisers about classes and where my truck fits in before I decide yes or no).
But it will be done for Willowglen in October. Should have the exo done by then too.

Im also planning on fitting dual transfer cases sometime, I have the top shift case here, but will need to source adaptors, crossmembers, etc. Am thinking that Ill keep the stock gears in both cases, and fit reduction gears in the rear case if the stock low low range isnt low enough.

This makes this build thread pretty much up to date.


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looking good;) since i sold my 96 hilux 2.8TD ive been through a few cars and now got another 97 2.8D with a fair few goodies but needs a bit of attention and bought a 4 runner on friday that has had the ifs swapped for a solid front massive hoops big 6" lift etc but theres a fair few things that have not been finished or half arse attemped so ive been at it over the weekend and now have brakes and a hand brake but still a bit to sort out like the steering as i think i need a high lift steer kit, anyways its getting late so theres a good chance i will be shooting you a few questions :confused::D:cool:


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I was only thinking of your lux the other week Tony. Im sure the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to brighten up.