Toyota Hilux 4 Door 2007


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Rod's Rig - Toyota Hilux 4 Door 2007

Rod's Rig - Toyota Hilux 4 Door, 2007

Good Points
Great all round vehicle unless you really want to do hard core stuff, makes a good tourer.

Bad Points
Well nothing really, but I hear the manuals have a weak clutch

What mods have you done?
Toughdog Adjustable suspension
265/75 R16 Dick Cepek Crusher MT's - First set in Australia
Speedy Prado rims 16" +20 offset
Colour coded aftermarket flares
Caddy Avenger canopy
Extended Diff Breathers
Dual Battery
Bluetongue Compressor
Waeco 35 Litre fridge
OzTent RV4
Shurflo pressure pump
107 litre water tank
Helton Hot water system
Car PC based on HP Pentium M laptop behind back seat
Xenarc 706 TSA 7" Touch screen in dash
DVD in armrest
GPS, StreetNav, OziExplorer, 30 gb Maps
JL Split speakers
JL amp

What mods are on the list to do?
Drawer system
Mobile Kitchen

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Killed my last one (and nearly myself) when the steering failed at 100 km/hr. A new car sounded like a good idea
Best Ute in its class

How often do you go offroad?
Not enough

What will your next vehicle be?
Ask me in 10 years


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hey nice lux
whats the in dash worth and where can i get one installed. in sydney

Hmm, it's A DIY job and I used the best components.

706TSA monitor is USD $459 plus freight from Custom Carputers:
Custom Carputers

The dollar was at its peak when I bought it and I spent about AUD $840 with power supply and other stuff from Richard over there who I'd highly recommend. I had the laptop. Probably spent at least $1,500, spent hours cabling but the end result was worth it.

The monitor case is hacked (which voids warranty) to get it in the dash. The buttons used to live under the screen. I purchased an extended cable to relocate them to the side.



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Awesome mods.....must admid I'm a bit lux still looks a bit bare......but i'm the process of fixing that!

Gotta love the TOY!


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Wasn't a ute. It was a Suzuki Vitara 4 door wagon. It went from this :


to this:


After the steering failed at 100km/hr on the highway, Hit a tree, bounced back and ended up shiny side down. Hit the tree at 40-50 km/hr. Did not expect to wake up, so lucky I did not go to sleep, but it hurt a lot, fractured my sternum.

So anyway it was hard to buy a used car after this experience so I bought a new one. Only just getting it up to the standard the previous one was at.


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Thanks Goody. Yes I was surprised as I did not expect to wake up. I think the secret is not to go to sleep in the first place!


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Still decking my Rig out and finally Sliders are on!


The closer you get, the better they look.




Ya got to love my fancy footware in this shot :D:D



These were custom made by Brooksy at Custom 4x4 Fabrications and feature stainless steel bolt in infill plates. Made from 44mm CAM compliant DOM tube as used for roll cages in the V8 Super Cars.
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feral fourbee

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looks good.....

had 2 dual cabs a many years back top units...flogged them good!!!
just think toyota spoilled them when they took out the live axles....

get down and dirty


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Nice rails, how much did they set you back if you don't mind me asking

It was bit of a special deal as Brooksy from Custom 4x4 Fabrications measured up my truck as part of a group buy. Cost me $800 plus another $100 for the powder coating I organised along the way. Normally Brooksy would charge abiut $1k for them.

Impressive set up

Thanks for the compliment.

looks good.....

had 2 dual cabs a many years back top units...flogged them good!!!
just think toyota spoilled them when they took out the live axles....

I don't know any better seeing the only 4WD's I have owned have had IFS :)

You would be surprised how well the Hilux performs, surpassing all cars without diff lockers including a current model V8 Landcruiser on my last outing.

get down and dirty

Love to more often. Did have an outing 2 days to Scenic Rim Adventure Park before Brooksy measured up for sliders which let me try out the winch:


and remind myself why I was getting sliders: :mad:


Dirty enough for you? :D

It is always hard to take some pics when you are the only one in the car, so here are a couple of others on the day: