Toyota Hilux 3.0D 2000


Toyota Hilux 3.0D, 2000

Good Points
It's a Toyota!:cool:
Great ground clearance for a stock,
Basic engineering (easy to work on),
Solid as a rock mechanically,
Excellent fuel economy (66lt tank, 600+k's per tank around town):eek:
Can buy spare parts at any corner deli anywhere in Australia,
So many after market bits available (if I could just sell the kids to get them:rolleyes:).

Bad Points
I think this section is supposed to say "List all the bad things you have found about owning this make/model 4wd".
I can do the quarter mile in nearly 3 days!:eek:

What mods have you done?
Hella spotties,
Safari Snorkel,
31's on sunnies,
Hayman Reese towbar,
Custom side steps,
Dual batteries,
Engel 40lt,
OME steering damper,
OME shocks,
Unifilter &
Diff breathers.

What mods are on the list to do?
Half basket roof racks,
Warn winch,
GME TX4400 radio,
Storage drawers,
Front lockers.

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Dual cab for carrying the family,
Ute abilities,
Easy to work on,
Strong all round vehicle,
It was the right price for the age and K's. Bought it Easter 07 and only had 69k on the clock.

How often do you go offroad?
Every opportunity I get. Most long weekends and often with the club.

What will your next vehicle be?
Probably keep this for a few years, will have to see what's around when it's time to trade.
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So how much was it in the end?? around $20000
What would be a good price for a dual cab, 3.0litre year from 98 - 2004 with 100000K on the clock??:confused:
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It was 20G's on the head. A good price for a 3.0D from 98 - 04 with $100K on her (IMOP) would be anywhere from $16-20K depending on what features and accessories it comes with. You lookin at getting one?


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Yea, its in the making, should have one middle of next year, would you recomend the 3.0 D. Is really the only car i've looked at, good value for that price, and will hopefully last a while:D


Sorry never responde earlier DazzaMTD. I would recommend the Ol 3.0D Lux as long as your not after a rocket. As was said earlier, can get to 60k's /hr in 3 days but hey...didn't buy it for racing. Good luck with your search if you decide to go for it.