Toyota GXL Landcruiser Factory TD 5sp Auto 2004


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Toyota GXL Landcruiser Factory TD 5sp Auto, 2004

Good Points
power & torque, comfortable tourer, space, gated auto - can drive like a manual, engine braking (for an auto), economical for a large wagon, reliable. Goes most places.

Bad Points
front IFS can be a problem off road in the hard stuff - more to go wrong, but only a torn CV boot to date. High price, even for 2nd hand vehicle. Toyota spares - try $15 for a wheel nut!!! (thankfully most parts can be found as afternmarket). Torsion bar on front end can lower on long hauls. Engine oil sensor can get dislodged once in the sticks. Spare hangs too low even with lift. A bit heavy round town & on fast gravel.

What mods have you done?
ARB delux bull & brush bars, side steps, IPF driving lights, OME 2" lift all around, rear airbags, ARB compressor (underbonnet), 3rd battery for Fridge etc, Couplertec, DP Chip, Cargo Barrier, ARB delux roof rack, inverter, home made custom rear cargo system, TX3440 UHF, media system & reverse camera, cooper ST-C on 16" steels for bush.

What mods are on the list to do?
longranger fuel & water tank, wheel carrier, better setup for front IFS, underbody protection, MAY look at gas injection. Lockers & winch.

Why did you buy this vehicle?
looked at all the crewcabs, and large wagons, as sensible tourers, and on balance this unit ticked all the boxes.

How often do you go offroad?
once a month to six weeks, one or two long trips each year.

What will your next vehicle be?
diesel crew cab


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Very nice rig, goto love the yotas. Love the photo with the termite mounds in the background


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custom cargo system

Nice looking rig :cool: wouldn't mind seeing some shots of your cargo system.

gunna, here is a pic of the cargo system, in & out. Basically a free saturday, a sheet of ply, 4 x ARB anchor points, some pine, a few nuts & bolts, and a coat of estapol. (oh, and a fridge slide which I think cost more than the system). I can stack up to six of those bunnings plastic crates in next to the fridge with room above on the to shelf for the lighter stuff. Very simple, but does the job. Chairs & other bit & pieces go beside. It slides onto the rear floor & then secured with tiedowns from the 4 quick release anchor points. I wouldn't recommend this without a good cargo barrier.


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