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have scored a pretty flash radio tuner which i'd like to put in my landcruiser to replace my old tape deck (yeah i know, dont know what im gunna do with my old tape collection, some real classic stuff in there). trouble is i just cant seem to find anywhere to buy the plugs & get the relevant pin out info. i can find any number of pin out diagrams on line, just not the one i need, & audio shops just wanna sell me another unit. toyota are happy to sell me a harness for $800, bugger that. the unit in question is toyota part # PZQ60-00511 or futjitsu 10 part # 123001-3700A151. anyone that can help here, your assistance would be most appreciated.


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A decent radio installer that knows his crap would be all over it,Toyota can jam it for $800 bucks for a harness...
Google and a couple of phone calls maybe your friend
Where are you so other members maybe able to point you in the right direction.


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You could try a wrecker for the loom but to be honest unless you can get it running for next to nothing don’t waste your coin. You will get a far better brand name after market unit cheap for Repco etc on special that will be much easier to fit and will sound 10 times better. The other issue you might have is that you won’t be able to get a fascia dash kit

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thanks for your help fellers, speaking to some installers & audio outlets the general consensus seems to be you can only buy the plugs from toyota (thats about $800 for the harness) & you cant get the pinout for the unit anyway. so the solution will be to just buy an after market one, theyre not all that expensive anyway for what im after.

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what car are you trying to fit it to ?
what does the front look like?
what does your radio look like ?

have you removed your radio?

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might get lucky with the plugs, never even considered it with the age difference between the original (2002) & the new (2017), hopefully get to it this weekend

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havent got to it yet, finishing off the fridge install, found heaps of sand under the door sill trims when running wiring into the back (years of the kids jumping into the car with sandy feet most likely), and a bit of surface rust in places. so unbolted the seats & took the floor covering out, rubbed the rusty bits back as well as i could. then rust converter, undercoat & finally a couple of coats of paint, then put it all back together. so that was last weekend taken care of, going away the weekend coming so will see after that. bloody cars, always something needs doing.

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so finally replaced the old radio with a new cd/bluetooth/usb radio, pulled the old one out & found plugs not compatible with the new toyo unit i had, so ended up buying a unit that looked the goods for just shy of $200, another $60 odd for a pair of speakers to throw in the back & off i went. thought i might as well get a power antenna to replace the coat hanger set up ive been running for years now, wanted the ability to lower the antenna out of harms way when getting into some overgrown stuff (kept losing coat hangers), so put in a switch to allow mast to be lowered even when stereo is on . well the the bloke in the shop that sold me the antenna kit assured me the universal unit he was flogging would work fine in my wagon, & that they would fit it for $150 if required (which i declined). so then spent several frustrating hours trying to fit said antenna (no bloody instructions with the kit either although there wasnt that much involved), finally decided either im totally incompetent or the unit just aint gunna fit. so booked in to have this mob fit it, their blokes looked at it for 15 mins before they decided they couldnt do it either. so i ended up modifying some bits from the old antenna & got it to go in ok, but not impressed (hate being f**ked around by arsehole salesmen). anyway a bit of fiddling around to get the rear speakers mounted in the roof near the back door (nothing to screw into so made a frame of flat steel & found a couple of points of attachment on the inner edge of the roof, some spacers out of chip board to get back of the speakers clear of the roof & finally its all done. so looking forward to cruising with a bit of a beefed up sound system & being able to run off an ipod rather than my old tapes (planning on setting up the old unit in my shed so the old tapes will still be getting an airing, too much good stuff on em to retire em yet).