Toyota Family Tree


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Found this "Family Tree" of the Landcruiser family and thought it was worth sharing .

Its no wonder why Landcruisers are the ultimate 4WD , look at that lineage .:p:p:p.


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I worked with a bloke who had the genuine article 1963 tray back ute. He was a Queenslander and had it set up up as a camper/tourer. Local radio station had a competition to find the earliest model Tojo in the Territory.... unbelievably, another one turned up dated 1962, and it was in pretty good nick too.


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The Griffith Toyota dealer has a few classic vehicles from the 1960s in their showroom, or at least they did in Oct last year.

One was a very nice 40 series. I took a few pics but couldn't get any real detail as the glare was too great.

Others included a Corolla, Corona and Tiara.