Toyota 75 series landcruiser (cab chassis) 1985


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sweet as, il have to keep an eye out for ya. im not always in the cruiser tho, normally in my other ute if it's just bitumen duties.. she's a blue holden vz ute. il keep an eye out tho


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hey bainsy

I recently got a 75 cruiser as well and im in the process of chucking some mods on and i was wondering what sorta beafits does spring over axel conversion offer and is it difficult to do.


Well, after about 18 months of taking on the mazda bravo project its time is cut my losses (wasted time and a few hundred bucks) and chucked in the project. But it doesnt end there. All the good stuff like the nissan axles, coils and 4link rear end will all be transfered into this baby! The old 75 series is a great truck just needs to be a bit lower, wider and a bit nicer ride. Skipworth will most likely be its final trip as a leaf sprung truck. So for now im making an adaptor to mount the gq transfer case onto the back of the toyota gearbox. Ill be paying big matt a visit in the near future to get a shaft adaptor machined up and go from there.


After skipworth iv descided to go ahead with phase 3 of the sawnoff build. This will include (in no particular order as money presents itself!)

Fittment of GQ patrol drive axles which are wider and heavier then the 75 series. I already have these but still need to build the diff centres.

Remove leaf spring suspension and replace with coil springs (probly only about 3") with 3 link front and 4 link rear setup. This will make it sit comfortably lower then it is now and give it a much nicer ride. I already have the 3" coils and all the links.

Adapt gq transfer case to 75 gearbox. This will then allign the drive shafts with the drive axles which will eliminate any driveshaft phasing problems and will have original park brake system in place. Already have the gq transfer case, the adapter is happening as we speak.

Cut front guards and modify tray to fit 37's on full flex with only 3"lift. Ill just recess and widen the guards in the tray rather then lifting whole tray.

Make bigger fuel tank. For obvious reasons.

Intercooler. Most likely water to air which will least compramise the diesel gas system.

Fix up interior. Put a carpet floor in as its just a bare metal floor, upholster the rest of the cab as that is also bare metal. Put in a nice pair of seats, the current ones are worn out original seats with ripped padding, and broken bases!

Fit air-con system. Purely becase i want it!

Build cannopy for the tray complete with a rooftop tent and a sealed section to keep gear dry thru deep crossings.

Lots of other odds and ends to tidy things up a bit to make it.more touring ready rather then a trail rig (but just as capable!)


Im now selling the spring over axle conversion off this cruiser

Comes with both diff housings hub to hub with the corrected pinion angles and rotated swivel housings.
Extended braded brake lines
hi-steer conversion
Drive shafts, front is double cardan.
tramp bars
Customised gearbox crossmember
superlift shocks
Diff housings are complete from hub to hub
front diff sits 50mm further forward.
Basicly its all there ready to bolt on.

Its the big diff front and drum rear brakes.

$750 - no resonable offer refused.

Private message me if interested or want more info

Thanks, Bainsy


G'day mate,awesome looking truck mate,i love thoes cruiser utes and yours sure is a beast,well done on the build,might see ya on the tracks oneday.



Got myself some GU diffs!

Next on the shopping list, Coilovers!


Heres a pic with the landcruiser diffs with stock landcruiser wheels and tyres


and here is how the GU setup will sit with 3" backspaced rims and my swampers :D


if you look closely the tyres on the cruiser fit almost in between the big ones on the gu diff!


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Don't tease us, just get on with the job and do it, LOL

Will look great and perform as well, a real beast.