toyota 60 series 83


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toyota 60 series, 83

Good Points
a lot of room inside
easy to work on

Bad Points
front shockers are to short
rust in the roof gutters

What mods have you done?
*standard motor and box removed and and a 350 chev stroked out to 383ci with turbo 350 auto dropped in
*front + rear air lockers
*extended brake lines
*4inches of lift
*duel batteries
*34inch muddys

What mods are on the list to do?
*steel winch bar
*rock sliders
*body lift

Why did you buy this vehicle?
my dad owned it for the past 10years with a 283 chevy and i took it out 4wding and blew up the trans my dad was going to strip it so i bought it off of him

How often do you go offroad?
as much as i can

What will your next vehicle be?


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yer it was out in toolangi with a few mates
i blew the diff and trans up a few days later
and then did the full rebuild i am still running the new motor in
and havent taken it out yet with the new motor and diff lokers
im waiting for the snorkel first

here is a pic of what i did to the trans
and a pic of the new motor