Toyota 4YE replacement engine conversion


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I have a 1988 Toyota YN63 4 Runner fitted with a 4YE engine which overheated and cooked due to a lower radiator hose bursting.

As I was not really a fan of the 4YE donk due to its performance (or rather lack of!), I would like to know of a fairly easy conversion to replace the engine and don't wish to go diesel. By easy I mean not having to relocate engine mounts on chassis etc. if possible..
It has an auto trans but I would look at fitting a manual if that wasn't too difficult regarding linking up to the 4WD etc. plus adding clutch pedal and other gear..

Any ideas on this, as all would be appreciated.


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I knew a fellow in the late 1980's who was a mechanic and put a 22R in his hilux the early model with double row timing chain not the weaker single timing chain engine he said they are a good engine easy to beef the power up a bit he only done the exaust with extractors a snorkel and a mild cam from memory I think he changed the gearbox to suit as well. He wanted to keep the engine reliable and have a bit more power without compromising the running gear he done a lot of outback tracks, gulf trips with 2 spare tyres and gear with a tinny on a home made rack on the tray.


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Not easy by any stretch but it does use the original engine mounts on the chassis :p
That would work if he replaced both diffs, drive shafts, both gear boxes as none of it would be strong enough larger radiator, probably a brake upgrade to keep it legal does it require a computer as well expensive conversion if you want it to be reliable and not cut corners. Plus a couple of hundred extra for rego per year it would be cheaper sell the old 4 cylinder hilux and replace it with a complete V6 hilux 4X4 they sell for around 10 grand.


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Both diffs are stock and holding up so far *touch wood* (rear has an lsd added).
Front driveshaft stock, rear custom.
Gbox and transfer case upgraded.
Larger radiator most definitely.
Brake upgraded front and rear yes. Vented discs all round now. New master and booster also.
Yes it has a computer.
VERY(!) expensive conversion. No cut corners.
Fully engineered and legal, rego is the same as any other car or could be $90/yr on club plates.

I'm not for 1 minute suggesting old mate does this, it's just an idea :p