Toyota 2.8 Diesel Hilux single cab trayback ute 1996


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Toyota 2.8 Diesel Hilux single cab trayback ute, 1996

Good Points
Good clearance. Looks tuff. Heaps of load capacity. Plenty around so parts should be easy. Easy to service myself. Not so flash I'm scared to push it hard - another dent won't be the end of the world.

Bad Points
Slow on road. Some parts underneath catch mud and sand and are hard to get at with the high pressure hose.

What mods have you done?
Basically standard. Came with 31X10.5 15's on 7in Sunraysias. Nice sound system. Towbar. Bullbar. Black Duck seat covers.

Changed bullbar. Fitted headers and 2 1/4 freeflow exhaust.

What mods are on the list to do?
Nothing major. Maybe new shocks and Rancho add a leaf or Polyair to restore ride height. Considered lights but don't plan to drive it at night.

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Have VW 4Motion wagon for touring. Had Suzuki sierra for fun & missed it when sold. Wanted cheap go to beach and local forest tracks and to cart stuff instead of using trailer. Mainly came down to price and only wanted 4 cylinder for cheaper rego. Oh, and its reputation of course.

How often do you go offroad?
Regularly. At least once a week.

What will your next vehicle be?
Don't know. Hope to keep this one a while, especially if it really is unbreakable.


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Hi Ferro Derro, sound like a good rig and should give you many hours of good clean fun off the black top


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Hi Adventure guy. 4Motion is VW's latest terminology for 4WD, like the Syncro was before it. It's a torque sensing system. Drive, which is normally front wheel drive, goes to the rear wheels on demand, i.e. if it senses wheel slip, via a Haldex clutch. Seems pretty effective. Mine has an electronic dif lock on the front and a mechanical dif lock on the rear and factory rough road suspension. Goes on any road but lacks the clearance when you leave the track. Mine's set up as a camper, like a Kombi.

I've tried to add a pic but didn't figure out how.