Toyota 100 series TD Auto 2006


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Toyota 100 series TD Auto, 2006

Good Points
Big, plenty of space for family and all the camping gear
Should be reliable I guess
Effortless to drive with the TD and the auto

Bad Points
Expensive to buy
Expensive to service
Black - the deal on this one was too good to pass up but would've preferred a different colour

What mods have you done?
Alloy bar (already had it)
Fridge slide for Waeco 50
Big AGM battery in ABR Flyer box in cargo area
Opposite Lock Rackmaster roof racks. Had Rhino but wanted lower profile for carparks - also has more space.
Home made shelf setup in back for camping trips

What mods are on the list to do?
AT tyres - once the Grandtreks wear out
Maybe small lift
Maybe winch

Why did you buy this vehicle?
Wanted something that would be big enough to keep family comfy and would last many years.
Really wanted TD and auto and there aren't many choices in full-size wagons with that combo. I didn't want to go near the GU 3.0.
Only other options were Prado/Pajero but wanted the extra space.

How often do you go offroad?
Probably only once every couple of months. Usually beach

What will your next vehicle be?
Probably 200 series (or whatever comes after that!)


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Good choice in rig mate. How do you find keeping it clean?

Do you mean washing it or avoiding/getting rid of scratches?
Washing it is easy enough - just need to be careful to make sure there's no grit in the sponge or there'll be swirls on the paintwork. Also I make sure it gets a good quality wax every 6 months or so. Probably overkill but I figure a nice wax layer will help keep scratches and swirls to a minimum.

As for getting rid of scratches - I don't have any magic recipe. It has its share of scratches already. I figure I'll keep the car for quite a while - some panels might need fixing at some stage so the scratches will get fixed then I guess.